Here’s mine: Strong, hot cup of coffee. Some music, but genre depends on mood and energy level. About 30 minutes of brainstorming, tweeting, thinking about nothing in particular. Maybe I jot down a few thoughts on actual paper, just scribbles really. Finally I open the Word document. To write? No, to stare at the screen. Then type two words, maybe just one.

Get up. Refresh coffee. Sit down. To focus? No, silly. To browse the web aimlessly doing “research.” Tweet some more. Stand up to stretch. Wander the house (or the coffee shop). Under self-inflicted duress, sit down again. Switch into hyper-focus mode, typing every thought even if it’s horrible. Even if I would absolutely die of humiliation if anyone read it.

Build words into sentences like playing Legos. Forget to eat. Hours pass as mere minutes. Go back and edit mercilessly. More coffee? No, need water. And food of some kind, I’m getting lightheaded. Try to distance myself from the rhythm, from the zone. Make a few notes for later. Close the document. Go pick up the kids from school, get outside and enjoy the sun. Man, I love this writing life.

What about you?