What has God done in your life recently?

Welcome to The College Precipice blog! And how appropriate that the first entry should fall on Memorial Day – a day of remembering. Of course, this national holiday is really for remembering our soldiers, but I want to talk about remembering what God has done in each of our individual lives.

In a week or so, high school graduates all across the country will say their goodbyes to classmates and teachers as they make a break for the adult world. Perhaps you are one of these graduates, and if so, congrats! But in this last week before that big day, what is it that you are most likely doing? Remembering! You’re remembering how you met your best friend, what that one kid did at the football game freshman year that got everyone in trouble, and how much you love those yummy crispitos in the school cafeteria (even if you can’t identity what’s in them). Well, maybe those aren’t your memories exactly, but you get the point.

I went to a very small, now defunct Christian high school. We used to joke that the building looked like a mall, because it was really converted into a school from an office building for a nearby church. I used to stand by the railing on the second story, looking down at nothing in particular, as I talked with friends or thought about things. On that last day of school, even kids who hated our school and couldn’t wait to leave paused at the railing for a while. Just remembering.

What happened in your life during high school? Can you see God at work in your life when you remember the past four years? (this question is valid for all of us!)

Now here’s the question of the day: Can you see God at work in your life in the next four years? (Hebrews 11:1 –Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.) And that’s what this blog is about — trusting God to take you into the unknown future. During the summer between high school and college, I felt so many emotions that I hardly knew what to do with them. Relief, excitement, sadness, and fear of the unknown, just to name a few. I remember thinking at the time that it felt like standing at the edge of a precipice, with my future on the other side, and a giant chasm between me and my future.

So when I remember what God has done for me, I am filled with thankfulness. He took that precipice in my life and not only got me over it, He also turned it into a book! God is so good in so many unexpected ways. I wonder what He has in store for you?

Thanks for coming along with me. Check back weekly for new posts, and feel free to comment if you want!

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