It’s all about who?

So I need to admit something right up front — I actually like to watch “Sex and the City” reruns (gasp!). Besides lots of talk about sex, the show really isn’t that bad. My friends assure me that it was different on HBO — uncut and definitely rated R. Kinda like the movie that just came out, which for the record I would love to see on network television without the nudity and foul language.

What gets me about this show is that if you take away the designer clothes and glitz, these four women are just like the rest of us — they want to be loved and look beautiful. Even Samantha, who doesn’t seek love so much as lust, wants to be admired — to be beautiful and desirable. That’s her form of love. So I don’t understand why people talk about “Sex and the City” as the ultimate girl-power model for single working women. In the end it’s still about who’s getting married and who looks beautiful, and I find this strangely annoying.

It’s two-faced. On the one side you have this message: “hey ladies — pursue your own career, spend lots of money on shoes and self-care, have sex with lots of guys, be independent, call your own shots — it’s all about you!” then on the other side you have this message: “you should have loyal friends, you need to find great guys, you need to be there for each other, it’s okay to need to feel wanted — it’s all about other people!”

And although it’s important to have a healthy self-esteem and fulfilling relationships, I personally don’t think it’s all about me, or even all about other people.

For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed.” (Romans 10:11)

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