Girl Power

When Alaskan governor Sarah Palin agreed to be McCain’s running mate, she turned the 2008 race for the White House upside down. And while I don’t consider myself a political person, Palin got my attention — as a woman, wife, citizen, Christian, and mother.

Before you stop reading what initially appears to be another political commentary, bear with me. What an amazing time to be a woman! But despite considerable advances in gender equality, it’s also a very confusing time to be a woman. One of the greatest issues right now is that the liberal feminist left doesn’t know what to do with Palin. This is the group that has always touted a woman’s right to have a career, end an unwanted pregnancy, do it all, even to the point of the second-highest office in the nation. And now we have a pro-life, gun-savvy, mother of five, conservative Republican woman making history. Confident, and without apology!

I read a comment on a blog the other day from a woman who is so confused by this, that she literally said “I don’t know what to do now. Where are the feminists?” as if she needed this group to think for her before she could move forward. So what’s the difference between this, and needing a husband to think for her?

Confusing indeed. So if you are a Christian woman in college, it shouldn’t surpise you when you receive conflicting messages about womanhood from all sides. Nobody can make up their minds it seems. But rest assured that God knew exactly who He wanted you to be from the moment you were conceived, and He has a plan for you. Keep your eyes on Him!

For more thoughts about Christian women, feminism, and Godly confidence, check out my book The College Precipice: Faith and Life for Young Women.

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