Knowing your place (aka priorities)

We were watching the season opener of “House” the other night, and low and behold — a discussion about womanhood and priorities took place on the very day I had been praying about priorities in my own life. Amazing how God can use even primetime TV to get me thinking about Him!

There’s a lot going on in my world right now, and when all these things stew around in my head for too long I can feel overwhelmed, even when I’m not busy at all. I like to call this “clutter of the mind.” One of the ways I deal with this clutter is to write out my thoughts in a prayer journal. So Tuesday morning I had done this, and all day Tuesday I could feel a divine hand guiding me. It was great!

What does this have to do with “House”? Well one of the characters on the show — the patient — was an assistant to a feminist activist. This activist took advantage of her and treated her poorly. When one of the female doctors said something like — “why do you put up with her? You could be anything!” the patient responded with “no, we can aspire to be anything, but that doesn’t mean we can actually be anything.” She then talked about how some people have wings, and some don’t, and she is happy to accept her place helping someone who has wings.

Wow. That’s hard to accept, when we as women are taught that we can be anything and have it all. But honestly we can’t have it all. Nobody can! In personal terms, I could spend all day marketing my book, The College Precipice, if I wanted. But then I would miss out on being with my family today, and really seeing them with undistracted eyes. Or I wouldn’t have time to buy bread at the store, and I wouldn’t be able to have a sandwich. So just on a sheer logistical level, I can’t have it all.

And then what if everyone decided to become CEO’s, and nobody was left to do the more mundane work? What if nobody wanted to ever clean up a bathroom? Can you imagine how messy your dorm would be, if nobody took responsibility for cleaning up because they are so busy doing “more important” things?

Thank God for His divine hand guiding us to what’s important for each day. You can trust Him with that, you know. Your place (and my place) is in His hands, where your God-given gifts can help you shine like the light you are –wings or not.

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