Adventures in MySpace

I found out the other day that MySpace is the number one website for college students. Not a big surprise, but it helped me feel better about spending time in MySpace for fun and also to promote my book, which I wrote for college-aged women.

So out of curiosity I posted a topic in one of the forums for undergrads, called “Has College affected your faith?” (MySpace => Forums => Campus Life => Undergrad). While it hasn’t brought a huge number of replies, the few it has are diverse and interesting. Several people said they never had faith and find religion ridiculous, so no, college has not affected their faith. One person, a Christian, said that it’s essential to get involved in a community of fellow believers on campus, a point with which I wholeheartedly agree. And then there’s various comments, from a Wiccan, a womanizer, and a proud party girl.

So here’s my challenge to you: if you spend time on MySpace or Facebook, why not use these networks to engage others in a discussion about faith? Without judgment, but an honest, open dialogue. Because it seems to me that we have enough forums and blogs about sex on MySpace, but not nearly enough about what really matters.

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