Change — It’s never easy

Leaving home, new friends, new ideas, new schedule, possibly a new job — just some of the many ways college means change. And nothing feels less comfortable. Sometimes you just want the home you knew, the familiar people, smells, walls — back when everything made sense, everyone understood the expectations. But now it’s all different, and maybe you’re different, too.

We’re in the midst of change right now with our small group. In some ways it’s exciting, this idea of getting to know new people, allowing the group dynamic to change and grow as the group changes. But there’s always a feeling of loss with any change. In this case, some of my closest friends are creating a separate group and we’ll no longer be in group with them. I know it’s what God wants to happen, and everything about it feels right. But I still mourn for what used to be, even as I look forward to this new reality.

I felt the same way, on a much larger scale, during college. One thing I did right during that time was to give all those feelings to Him. There’s a great song by Francesca Battistelli called “I’m Letting Go.” I’ve posted some of the lyrics below.

My heart beats, standing on the edge
But my feet have finally left the ledge

Like an acrobat
There’s no turning back

I’m letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
Losing control
Of my destiny
Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
So I’m letting go

This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace

The fear of the unknown
Beyond my comfort zone


Giving in to your gravity
Knowing You are holding me
I’m not afraid

Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
Feels like I’m falling and this is the life for me

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