Exponential Increase

In 2005 I began writing a book for Christian college-aged girls. Quite honestly I just felt called to write it, and so naturally I expected that God would bless my obedience. After an adventurous publishing process, The College Precipice was released last May. Since then we’ve sold some and given away even more, but I wouldn’t say that it’s been a bestseller!

I’m okay with this, though, because of what God has done in my life because of it. The Bible overflows with the idea that God wants to bring “increase” into our lives. So-called prosperity preaching has tainted this concept of increase, making God sound like Santa Claus. But in Mark 4 we see a different picture — seeds growing to produce fruitful crops, a lamp put on a light stand, a tiny mustard seed becoming a giant tree, “for whoever has, to him more shall be given.” It seems that God is indeed about increase – but not pertaining to material success. Instead Jesus tells parables here that urge an increase in spiritual fruit, in the courage to let our lights shine (my own current area of growth!), and ultimately an increase in His kingdom.

Through the writing, publishing and indeed the marketing process of my book, I am learning to listen to the Holy Spirit and act on what I hear. And God has blessed me abundantly. Not like I thought He would, but by increasing my ministry and my joyful dependence on Him. I’m thinking that even 100 weeks on a bestseller list couldn’t beat this.

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