News Junkie Rehab

Hi! I’m Anna, and I’m a news addict. If I get too far away from any of the “breaking news” websites or TV channels, I go into withdrawal. What’s happened out there in the last two hours? Two days? I have to know!

This really puts a damper on my social life, not to mention my personal stress level. “Did you hear about the latest suicide bombing? What about that guy who gouged out his own eye? Do you think the fighting in the Middle East will ever end? Can you believe this financial mess?”

I’m just a blast at dinner parties.

So here I am, admitting that I have a problem and that it affects my life, and also those around me. I’m proud to say that I haven’t visited CNN, ABCNews, FoxNews, AP, or Reuters since Sunday, although I have checked weather and the latest headlines on my local channel. I gotta know what to wear, of course! And if there’s an escaped convict running through my neighborhood I would like to know that, too. But being reasonably informed sure beats obsessive news-checking every 30 minutes.

I wonder what I should do with all this extra time?

One thought on “News Junkie Rehab

  1. It’s funny, I’m just getting over an addiction myself to online games. I’ve been a World of Warcraft Addict for 4 years now, and played a few other online games before that. I quit WoW just a month ago, and am trying to find a vent for my energy.

    Since I can’t get a banjo for under $150 and learn to play it, I decided to give blogging a shot. I understand about keeping up with world events. I only wish I could actually teleport places so I could see things for myself instead of taking information through the media filter.

    Anyway, Drudge Report is my one stop shop.


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