Where’s God in this Economic Crisis?

How we spend our money, how we go about fixing this mess — do you think He cares? And if He does care, what should we be doing differently, both individually and nationally? I have lots of questions but no answers today, and I would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Where’s God in this Economic Crisis?

  1. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

    Our economic problems are one of those “things” that God is using to work good into our lives. He’s sanding off rough edges of fear and doubt. Trimming off unneeded weights. And readying us for greater dependence on Him. As a young man said to me, “Don’t worry, it’s all good.”


  2. Great Question! How did we get in this mess? Greed. $14 trillion consumer debt load is not from the Lord, because of Proverbs 22:7. We chose to get in this mess by our own selfishness and greed. How do we get out of this mess? Ask for forgiveness for our selfish spending and earn our freedom away from debt by reducing expenses and paying back our loans. As with any other addiction, it will take time and some inconvenience. But the end result is glorious.


  3. Hi Anna,
    I wrote a post today that kinda explains how I think we got here. “masters of our own destiny” The way I see it we pretty much made our own bed. God has attempted to lead us but we have preferred not to listen.
    Where is this all going? I think that the prosperity of the last 50 years has allowed an incredible amount of idolatry to manifest in the wealthy west. If God is merciful and abounding in grace and relents from doing harm then let the idol of mammon fall and may men find hope in the living God.
    Alot of pain coming, but that which matters most, the eternal salvation of men will be the winner.
    I think of the prodigal son, who having had to eat with the pigs, was led to recognise that his father had a better plan for him. Truth is that if the prodigal son had been sufficiently blessed with every good thing, he most likely would never have returned home to his fathers house. Here is where I see God allowing all of this to come to pass.
    Man I sure hope it works like this anyway, the last hour call to his children.


  4. Thank you, these are some good comments. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the car lately (as a passenger) so I’ve had some time to read a book called “Greed, Inc.” about the rise of capitalism and the corporation. It’s fascinating — I guess when I learned about the history of economics in high school I didn’t really have the life experience to appreciate it.

    Anyway, the author went through the whole history of capitalism and pointed out that economists used to be trained in philosophy, theology, and politics. Now it’s just about numbers and the bottom line, leaving morality out of the picture. It’s a good book so far.

    Money has always been humanity’s trip wire, it seems.


  5. This is a very good question that does not lend itself to easy answers. However, I think the root cause is greed and its various forms. We simply are not content with what we have – we always want more, better, newer, bigger, cooler, etc.

    The problem really lies in the lack of stewardship. Whether we acknowledge it or not, God owns everything and we are simply stewards of His property. We don’t honor Him with tithes and offerings and we don’t thank Him enough for what we have. Particularly in the U.S., the poorest people are wealthy compared to most of the rest of the world, yet we gripe and complain about what we don’t have instead of being grateful for what we do have.

    Another big problem is that we have bought into the world’s definition of success. The vast majority of people, particularly in affluent countries, think that success is measured by how much money you have and their self-worth becomes wrapped up in the material aspect of the world, instead of loving God, family and country.

    At the last moment of your life, you will not be complaining you did not make enough money, but you probably will regret not spending enough quality time with family and friends.

    Grace and Peace,


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