Is Your Daughter Graduating from High School?

So your daughter is graduating from high school in a couple of months, and you feel, well, everything. Words likely cannot express the wide range of emotions over this giant milestone in her life. You’re happy, sad, proud, maybe a bit worried, grieving for the “baby” you raised, and rejoicing in the grown woman she’s become.

Will she be going to college? If so, she’ll need your prayers more than ever. As a college student, she will have opportunity galore but with opportunity comes unprecedented pressure to figure it all out. By sophomore year she will need to declare a major. This brings even bigger questions to mind, questions that frame her entire future. What does she want in a career? When does she want to get married? When would be the ideal time to have children? How would having a husband and children impact her career? And so it goes.

You may feel relatively confident that she can handle these pressures. And she can, but she needs the right tools. You have some very seductive competition on the college campus, and I’m not talking about that guy sitting next to her in Calculus 101. I’m referring to postmodern feminist theory – the idea that God is old-fashioned and oppressive (even irrelevant), families tie you down, and you have the right to pursue your own dreams and desires at the cost of everything else. Believe me, this philosophy is alive and well on your daughter’s college campus!

Even Christian colleges can’t escape these ideas seeping in from the young adult culture. And because postmodern feminist theory will frame the way your daughter sees her future, it could indeed derail what God has planned for her, even at the stage of choosing a major. So what can you do? Four things: 1) Pray, 2) Let her go, 3) Entrust her to God’s hands, and finally 4) Teach her to do the same for herself. You’ve probably been doing all of these since the day you sent her off to kindergarten, so don’t stop now.

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