Did We Skip Christianity 101?

If you identify yourself as Christian, then you likely know about these three pillars to the Christian faith: 1) Church, 2) Prayer, and 3) Reading the Bible. These things are universal to the Christian experience, whether you “grew up in” the church or became a believer much later in life. And then there’s the list of things NOT to do. Don’t drink, smoke, curse, listen to heavy metal (unless it’s heavy Christian metal), be promiscous, abuse/deal illegal drugs, and so on and so forth. For the majority of us, this list of three do’s and the longer list of don’ts make up the core of Christianity.

But some really cool things have happened in our lives lately, and in the lives of people we know. Spiritual, supernatural things. And our first reaction is to be shocked, surprised, and a little freaked out, almost as if we haven’t fully grasped this thing all along. You mean there’s really a God up there, and He really does interact with us? No way! And while the workings of the Holy Spirit should indeed amaze us, as my husband said today, this is really just basic Christianity.

We can talk to God. Did you know that He will talk back? How does He talk with us today? What does it mean to live in the Spirit? Pray in the Spirit? I’m tired of skipping over those parts of my Bible. I want more than lukewarm, rule-following Christianity. Don’t you?

10 thoughts on “Did We Skip Christianity 101?

  1. I wish Christians would read the Bible. If more of them were literate, and took the time read the Bible, we’d have far fewer Christians, since what’s in the Bible is so obviously idiotic, and the world would be a much better place. So, yes, by all means read the Bible. Please read it. I mean actually sit down and read it from front to back. Yes, the whole thing. Read it. What will you do when you get to heaven, and god asks you, “well, the most important message in the universe is contained in the Bible, so… what’d you think of of?” and you have to say, “well, actually, I didn’t read the whole thing.”

    Read the whole thing.

    And then you’ll automatically stop being a Christian once you realize how freakin’ dumb it is. Or, at least you won’t have to explain to your god why you didn’t read the most importan message in the universe, but instead spent your time reading crap on the internet.



  2. scaryreasoner,
    Thanks for visiting, and for leaving a comment. Too many Christians let their Bibles get dusty. We should be reading it! Have you?

    The overwhelming message I get from the Bible is that God just wants to be near us, to talk with us and hear what we have to say in response to Him.


  3. scaryreasoner,

    If you keep hanging around the river banks, you will eventually slide in with the rest of us. Don’t worry, you won’t drown, The river offers life, not death.


  4. I wasn’t going to. I’ve thought about it before, but because many of these things happened (and indeed are happening) in the lives of friends and family I don’t want to post their struggles for all to see. But since you mentioned it I’ve been thinking more seriously about writing something in general terms, and perhaps seeking permission to use specifics if needed. We’ll see.


  5. Hey, good post. I know what you mean, that was my initial reaction a couple years back. It’s really cool when all those little moments become commonplace in your life. It makes it so much easier to ignore detractors…

    Speaking of whom, scaryreasoner: I have read the Bible cover-to-cover, and continue to do so. I agree, it is quite sad that so many misrepresent our Lord because they don’t do so themselves. However, far from making me “automatically stop being a Christian”, it has given me a love for God so deep that words cannot define. Nonetheless, you have my utmost sympathy for your feelings on the matter, because any heart that can be so hostile to so beautiful a message as the Gospel must indeed be cold as ice. My prayers are with you. God bless you.



  6. Thank you for this post.
    If it weren’t for Grace & Mercy I too would be lost and on my way to a fiery Hell. Praise The Lord for bringing me out of a deep dark miry pit.
    I am now free to worship Jesus, and only Jesus, through His Word, Praises and deeds.
    No other religion offers comfort for the weary.



  7. I have a comment on the “3 pillars”. I am a Christian but i have to disagree with the pillars. 1:”Church” is not really a pillar. If we are talking about church as the people maybe, but going to a building to sing songs and listen to a man speak is not what “church” was originally. We have made it up and made people obey. We should get together with Christian friends but we do not necessarily “have” to go to “church”. You can if you want to, i just don’t want to anymore.2.prayer. Don’t really have a problem with prayer. If i come up with one i’ll let you know. 😉 3:Reading the Bible. I agree Christians should know whats in the Bible. In regards to scaryreasoner saying Christians should read the Bible to see why they shouldn’t be Christians i definitely see their point. There is some weird stuff in there and Christians don’t understand whats in it, but know what they have been told. Reading the Bible for myself has brought up more questions than answers. I can see atheists points. But i still come to the conclusion that I believe in Jesus. As much as i am confused about some things i still believe. I’m guessing scaryreasoner has a problem with the Old Testament God and i can see why. My problem with pillar three though is Christians thinking that reading the Bible is a MUST. It is but they should read it because they want to know more not because they are told they have to. There is a difference in people doing things because they think God is making them and them doing things because they love God. And Besides if we lived a couple hundred years ago NONE of us would have had a Bible. They couldn’t have been printed. No massed produced Bibles. Were those born before the printing press less Christians because technology had not progressed? Just some thoughts…


  8. i think scaryreasoner is just like most people scared to think there really is a God. he probably thinks there could possibly be no God because of all the evil in this world. i have heard this argument so many times, that God should help us if we are in need. anti-Christians think our faith is way too hard and demanding to even exist. its so simple though. i think some people can get scared at that though too. that our salvation is as simple as accepting Jesus as our one and only savior. you dont have to go to church, or pray, or even read the Bible to get into Heaven. that acceptance alone is sufficient. let me say that God encourages you to do these 3 things though because its important to teach about your faith to others and to strengthen yourself against the enemy, such as scaryreasoner. all of you who commented against him, i applaud you for taking the high road. because we Christians have already won.


  9. So you want more than “lukewarm” Christianity, huh?

    Well, I don’t know if I have what you’re looking for, but I suppose you could start here:


    That was my first post. And I think you’ll find I am much less concerned with the “list of rules” so much as I am…Well, the greatest commandment.

    Hope you’ll stop by, A.D.

    (“ScaryReasoner” is certainly welcome as well.)


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