Spiritual, Supernatural Things (Part 3)

My sister Krista and I don’t have a typical relationship. We didn’t grow up together. That’s right – no fights about who gets to play with the cool Barbie first, no stealing each other’s clothes, none of that catty girl stuff. It wasn’t until my late teens (and her preteens) that we began spending time together. Now we’re both in our 20s, and we’re the best of friends.

But because we didn’t share common experiences during childhood, what happened last fall can’t be explained away by sisterly insight. There was something else happening.

In Part 1 of this series, I described a time when God called me to pray for a friend’s struggle, before I even knew anything about that struggle. That was my first experience with Spirit-led intercessory prayer. By October of last year, I had been in this gift for several years and had mostly stopped second-guessing the spiritual pull within me.

It was during this time that Krista encountered a rather significant, life-altering internal struggle. She came up to a crossroads, a place where she would choose what kind of person to become. And like so many of us have experienced, her emotional and spiritual life was in turmoil as she approached this figurative fork in the road.

Unlike before, I knew many of the details. Not all (in fact, the most significant details only she knew), but enough to put words to the prayer. I prayed for God to show her the clear path – for Krista to have total peace if the path was right. And if she had missed the right path, if she needed to change direction— for her to have increasing uneasiness, a clamor in her ears. These are the specific words that I prayed, peace or unease according to God’s plan for her life, and I began praying this during the middle of October. After two weeks I felt that I needed to tell her about my prayer.

So I sent her an email, and explained that I had been praying this way for two weeks.

Here is her condensed reply: “First of all, your email almost made me break into tears. I’m kind of in shock right now. I feel like when it comes to matters of the heart and just following intuition, God is at the center of it and keeps sending me these little messages. Sometimes, they are really big messages that are right in my face.

Anyway, seriously, your email almost knocked me out of my chair because I feel like over the past two weeks, my uneasiness has gotten worse when I thought it would get better, and I do have a “clamor in my ears.” I feel like you had such a strong desire to tell me about your prayer because you know that if I was feeling anything strongly, that it could be that God was working on me. And I guess we see now that He has been.”

Let me be clear about something: I don’t have magic, psychic powers; my words on their own didn’t “curse” her with uneasiness. I think what happened is that God needed a bridge to Krista, extending from heaven to earth. And in praying through the Holy Spirit, I allowed that bridge to happen.

This is my last post in this series. What spiritual, supernatural things can happen in your life? Have you asked God to open your eyes?

4 thoughts on “Spiritual, Supernatural Things (Part 3)

  1. In my life over the last year and a half, God has chosen to speak through people in my life to comfort and to provide peace for what lies ahead. It’s humbling, wonderful and amazing when God decides to communicate with us.


  2. “…I think what happened is that God needed a bridge to Krista, extending from heaven to earth. And in praying through the Holy Spirit, I allowed that bridge to happen…”

    I like this analogy.


  3. Hey! I’m famous! lol j/k! You know I love this blog and I’m really glad you wrote this and that our experience may actually be able to help someone in some way…If nothing else, maybe it will help them to believe that God is trying to get through to us, even when we aren’t aware of it or are just plain ignoring Him. Thank you so much for coming to me when you did last year. I needed that so badly, needed to know I wasn’t alone and that God really did want the best thing for me, even though I couldn’t quite be sure what that was at the time. Once I let myself take a breather, quiet my mind and allow the truth to come to me, the answers were right there in front of my nose. And, I’ll tell you, the answers and the truth were very hard to face, but without accepting reality and doing the right thing, my life could have fallen lower into the abyss that I’d created by turning away from ‘right’. I could have lost everything, but I am so happy to be able to say that now, months later, my life has improved by leaps and bounds and I didn’t lose everything…in fact I may have gained some things and humility is definitely one of those things. I love you Anna! Keep writin’ girl and I promise I will too!


  4. Hey Krista —
    Thank you for letting me write it! Something that just occurred to me is that for us to get to this point, we both had to put ourselves out there. I (at risk of being self-righteously meddling) was open with you about my prayer, and you (at risk of being judged) were open about your struggles. And what you said has so much truth, sometimes it’s the hardest thing to be honest with yourself. I admire you so much for having courage to do it.

    I think that this is exactly how it’s supposed to work, both among sisters and among believers. If we hide our struggles, and keep our prayers to ourselves (sometimes keeping them from God?) nothing happens. Risk nothing, gain nothing.
    But when we risk ourselves in love, amazing things happen. We’re not perfect, just moving forward! I love you too Krista and I’m so glad you’re my sister.


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