Faith in the News

Several uplifting faith stories have come my way lately, and I would like to highlight two of them here.

Undercover skeptic softens his view toward Christianity. Ivy League college student Kevin Roose went undercover at conservative Christian school, Liberty University, for the purpose of writing a book about his experience. While at the college founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell, Roose did encounter some fundamentalist and political pressure, but he also discovered that most of the students were surprisingly normal and sincere. Roose said the experience transformed him, and that he now prays to God regularly. For the whole story, click here. (Thanks to Mom for mailing this article to me.)

Christian-turned-atheist returns to Jesus. British Christian author A.N. Wilson was once thought to be the next C.S. Lewis, until he renounced his faith and wrote a book about how Jesus “failed and died.” But this past Easter, Wilson publicly re-converted to Christianity, and wrote a letter in the U.K.’s Daily Mail to Christians, encouraging them to keep the faith and not be deterred by atheist critics like Dawkins. Click here for more. (Thanks to Sarah at for drawing my attention to this story.)

I’m not naïve enough to think that these two men will be shining examples of Christianity for the rest of their lives. Like all of us, they can still mess up. And while Kevin Roose now admits to praying since his time at Liberty, he has been quiet about a possible conversion to Christianity. To know more about that, he says, you’ll need to read his book. But in a world where believers are becoming non-believers and many churchgoers no longer go, it’s nice to hear these thoughts.

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