We Were Warned (Part 1)

My husband and I went to see a movie the other night (a rare event for us), and while walking toward our theater – giant soda and popcorn in hand – we noticed a stand-up poster for the apocalyptic movie “2012.” It was a picture of a city by the ocean, dramatically split into pieces by an earthquake, with tsunami-sized waves lapping at the homes. At the top of the picture it simply said, “We Were Warned.”

We paused for a minute, then took a sip of soda and crunched on some popcorn as we made our way to our seats, and settled in to watch “Angels and Demons – a film which, by the way, has nothing to do with demons and very little to do with angels. It does, however, make some very interesting points about science and faith.

(I will take this opportunity to point out something. In my last post, I wrote about how we’re a nation of viewers, content to watch movies about faith and adventure. And as you can see here, I do enjoy such movies — enough to make them part of a cherished date night. But for me the adventure doesn’t end with the credits.)

Back to that movie poster for “2012” — I’m not feeling terribly deep today, so I will save many of my thoughts for future posts. But I want to just throw some questions out there about being warned. Is that just Hollywood? Or have we been warned? And if we have indeed been warned – warned about what? Who warned us? And here’s the big one: what’s the purpose of a warning?

More to come later.

7 thoughts on “We Were Warned (Part 1)

  1. Haven’t heard of the movie, but I will check it out. Interestingly enough though, the date 2012 has been part of the Apocalyptic future as seen by those within the New Age movement and specifically, as they see the future.

    It has to do with the belief that the world will end in 2012. A number of ancient civilizations have believed this to be the so, and within the New Age movement, certain individuals have reportedly received “transmissions” from aliens (yes, ETs), which “confirm” this date.

    It is all based on numerology, the specific dimensions of the earth, and its orientation in the universe, coupled with the Roswell event that took place (allegedly) in 1947.

    This is also supported by the fact that the ancient Mayan calendar ended with the year 2012.

    So the movie is essentially stating that modern civilization has been warned about the end of the earth for centuries, but we have not been paying attention. Now that the end is coming, it’s nearly too late to do anything about it.


  2. FYI, Rick Joyner has stated many times that Hollywood is more prophetic than the Church.

    So, what are warnings for? To change us so that we are prepared for the future when it arrives.


  3. modres — so I checked out the trailer for 2012 (well, several trailers actually) and can’t decide what the movie is actually about other than the end of the world (because of the Mayan calendar). Aliens? Bible prophecy (although I don’t think it’s going that direction)? Anyway, I tend to shy away from alien/UFO theories, although I know there’s a booming theology around them.


  4. Larry — so you’re saying that a warning is like a “heads-up” so to speak? Like when an oncoming car flashes its brights at me so that I’ll know there’s a cop up ahead. 🙂

    I tend to think that a warning would be to change our behavior in some way that might prevent the possible future event. If I slow down, I won’t get that inevitable speeding ticket. And if we as humanity change our behavior in some way, maybe the warning did its job without needing to bring the actual event to pass.

    And then there’s the other way of looking at it (which is what I think you meant, please verify) — The thing *will* happen. Prepare mentally and spiritually.


  5. Anna,

    Prophetic warnings in the Bible show us that either the people can change and bypass the future problems or they can change and be prepared for the future problems. It is not always one way or the other.

    We in America have only seen one side for many, many years. I believe we need to be prepared for the other side in the near future.


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