True Optimism in a Wounded Workplace

(This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote, published today on

I read an article the other day about how Western optimism is a counterproductive anomaly, leading to debilitating surprise and sorrow when bad things inevitably happen. While not a Christian article, writer Alain de Botton used Christianity as an example of pessimism, “that it’s a sin to suppose that such perfection can ever occur on Earth. Nothing human can ever be free of blemishes. There cannot be an end to boom and bust.”  

We so desperately want the opposite to be true during these uncertain times. We pray for God’s hand of blessing to return, for our jobs to remain secure, for the markets to flow freely once again. And we hang on to this American optimism because the alternative scares us and creates a tight ball of fear in our gut. Read more…

4 thoughts on “True Optimism in a Wounded Workplace

  1. “…By all means, pray for your job. Ask God for that promotion. But should it all fall apart, if the worst does indeed happen, remember that true optimism trusts only in the unfailing character of the Lord our God, and seeks the bottomless peace supplied through the Holy Spirit…”

    I totally agree.

    This is really a well-written article. So, what’s your next book about?


  2. It’s about how we allow distractions to keep us from our true spiritual purpose. But it’s far from finished and I’m still not sure of what type of publishing format to pursue.


  3. Larry, Thanks for the compliment, and for asking! Who knows what will come of it. I’ve discovered that I like the process of writing more than the being finished, so I’m in a good place right now.

    I’m excited to hear more about Jonah. I noticed in one of your blogs that you have an ISBN number now. So when/where can I buy it?


  4. I used to get into fights with people about this very topic. Basically, that there is no utopia on this earth. What I was fighting was the idea that everyone is somehow entitled to live to 99 and it is only are diet that prevents it.


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