We Were Warned (Part 2)

Who warned us, and why? When the film “2012” hits theaters this November, I’m sure we’ll hear a whole slew of opinions about the Mayan calendar, prophecy, and the end of the world. To me, it’s not a two-hour movie but something I’ve considered for years. For more on my views, see my posts Always on the Watch Part 1, and Part 2.

In the Bible there’s that one BIG warning to all mankind, about the return of Jesus and the destruction of earth. If this doesn’t put everything in perspective, I don’t know what will.

But throughout history God has also warned humanity in smaller ways, working in the lives of individuals, groups, and entire nations through both prophets and His Word. Biblically speaking, the first warning comes when someone turned away, and God wants them to turn back.

Consider King Nebuchadnezzar (“N”), who ruled Babylon during it’s most prosperous and powerful years. A bit full of himself, King N regularly looked over the kingdom from his palace, marveling at what he had done. One night he had a very disturbing dream, about a beautiful tree that had been cut off at its trunk. When nobody in his courts could interpret the dream, he sent for God’s prophet, Daniel. (You can find this whole story in Daniel 4.)

Daniel interpreted the dream and said “You, O King, are that tree!” Unless King N promptly acknowledged God’s sovereignty, he would become “like the wild animals” and feed on grass in the fields for seven years, until he repents. This is the WARNING!

Daniel then says that maybe this doesn’t need to happen. Maybe King N can avoid the judgment, so Daniel says “Therefore, O king, be pleased to accept my advice: Renounce your sins by doing what is right, and your wickedness by being kind to the oppressed. It may be that then your prosperity will continue.”

But King N didn’t repent, and in the following year a severe mental illness seized him and he was driven away from the kingdom and ate grass like cattle. One day seven years later he looked up, and humbly acknowledged God’s power. Then God restored his sanity.

“Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, because everything he does is right and all his ways are just. And those who walk in pride he is able to humble.”

More to come in Part 3…

One thought on “We Were Warned (Part 2)

  1. ‘MY PEOPLE’

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.

    The knowledge that I speak of is the knowledge of Me,…

    Do you understand?

    My people perish, for the lack, of the knowledge, of ME,” says the Lord!

    “And who are the people that I speak of,…
    the pagans who call upon other gods,
    the goats who openly reject My name?

    Wake up, O foolish children!
    The people that I speak of are those who call themselves by My name!
    They are those who call themselves ‘Christians’ and ‘the Chuch’.

    And I say to you that many of ‘My people’ do not know Me at all.
    For just as My people ‘Israel and Judah’ claimed to know Me in the days of old, yet sought other gods to fulfill their lusts and desires, so are many of you!
    You draw near to Me with your lips, but your hearts are far from Me.
    You listen with a look of acknowledgment, but inwardly reject My counsel.
    You come before Me in the ‘appointed assemblies’ week after week, and you think that because you come, I am bound to listen to you,… but I will not!
    I am not in your assemblies where you lift your hands to heaven,
    yet live your lives unto yourselves.
    Your prayers rise like a stench to Me and I am offended.
    I will not hear your songs, and your instruments are a noise to Me!
    I tell you that your many prayers are heard by the evil one and answered by his cunning, yet though I tell you this you will not believe Me,” says the Lord.

    “So many call themselves by My name, yet they do not know that they are naked and shamed. My covering is not upon them for they have forsaken their children and each other, and have gone after Baal even in My own house!

    I am wearied by your exploits. I am tired of your ways.
    I have called and called to you, but you refuse to hear and to answer.
    You refuse to know Me.
    Indeed, you think that you already know Me, but you do not.
    You have not known Me because I am holy and not of this world.
    You are of the world who say that you know Me, yet reject My holiness and embrace the ways of the world.

    Lying signs and wonders have gone forth and deceived many of My people.
    They have turned from Me to others, and adorned themselves in riches and the false securities there-of, making My house a den of thieves and the way of Balaam!

    The profit of the spoil runs red like blood.
    It is an unclean thing and many are defiled by it.
    Take the unclean thing from your midst.
    If the unclean thing will not be removed from your midst then remove yourself from the unclean thing!”…..

    “I am outside the camp, and I am calling My lambs away from the slaughter,” says the Lord.

    “Many of My people, who call themselves by My name, are not My people.
    Many have fallen, and many more will fall in the coming days when they will deny Me before men in order to save their own lives.
    But I say to you that in trying to save their life they will indeed lose it.
    For whoever denies Me before men, I will likewise deny before My Father in heaven.
    Many who were invited to the marriage supper will be turned away.
    Only those dressed in white shall enter the halls of ceremony, and I will confess them before God My Father.

    Know you not that you are covered in stain?…. Repent therefore!
    Do not go the way of the apostate. Pride and presumption are a death warrant!
    Do not think that My grace is extended where it is taken for granted.
    And do not think that there is forgiveness for unrepented pride.
    For pride was in the heart of the ‘son of sin’, who was the first to fall.
    He, who dwelt in My presence and beheld My glory like no other, fell to perdition.
    And not only him, but also many of My ‘holy ones’ followed after him.

    Therefore, do not think to say,… ‘It is impossible for us to fall away’.
    For I say to you that many of My people have fallen away, and many more will fall.”

    “Apostasy runs deep in ways that My people are not willing to learn of.
    Darkness is their comfort, and the light of My truth they shun,” says the Lord.

    “Doctrines of demons and deception entice My people and lead them away.
    Those who suppose that godliness is a means of gain have called out, and many of My people have followed in their greed.

    The ‘prophets of profit’, stand before the people in show and pretense.
    How they love to hear their names!

    The foolish shepherds, wise in their own eyes, call to the flock.
    How the sheep run to the shepherds who promise them goodness and safety.
    How they run to the shepherds who flatter their desires.
    They run to them like lambs in heat, seeking to fulfill their lust.

    The ‘flocks of foolishness’, over-run the land.
    They devour the choicest fields and fill their bellies with pride and arrogance.


    And when they fall their necks are broken, their blood spilled, and their lambs follow.”

    “Many will follow in that day, and many will fall.
    Many will cry out in disbelief of their fate;…
    lambs grown fat for the slaughter, shepherds receiving their just reward!

    Many will cry out, ‘Lord, Lord’, when they realize that I have not known them, and they will know what is the ‘Hypocrites Portion’ on that day!
    Many who were first will be last, and the last will be first.

    There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth,” says the Lord!

    “Who are these that I speak of? Who are they that say that they know Me, yet do not?
    Is it not those who scoff and ridicule,… those who ignore and pretend not to notice?
    Is it not you, who even now as you hear these words, grieve My Spirit by rejecting My warning? Is it not you who would say,… “these are the words of insanity and arrogance” and, “how dare anyone say such things”?

    But you will know that I have said these things,” says the Lord!

    “I will not allow anyone to disgrace the BLOOD of MY SACRIFICE with the garments of self-will!”

    “My grace and My patience have abounded, yet many have abused My goodness…
    Their lives are more important and precious to them than to know Me.

    I am searching among My people for those who’s lamps are filled, and I am finding them few and grieved among the multitudes in your assemblies,(yet I will replace their grief with My joy, and their loneliness with My Spirit anew).

    For as it was in the days of Aninias and Sapphira, so shall it be in My last days,” says the Lord. “The liars and the religious spirits will know their place, for I have set My mouth against them. Prophets will arise and tell My people of their transgressions. I will cause them to stand in your assemblies, and I will put My words in their hearts and in their mouths.
    My ‘Little Ones’, whom I have brought low for My purpose, will proclaim My judgments and My coming. I will bring both healings and judgments, and My people will know that I am the God who judges the hearts and minds of His people!

    Therefore, I will not tolerate lying and deception among you.
    Idolitry I hate and will make it known. Covetousness I will strike with the sword!

    At once My servants will speak and lay hands and I will heal.
    Then at once My servants will speak and lay hands and I will punish!
    For My judgments are true and I will judge how I will judge…..
    You make no distinction!
    I will do according to My knowledge, and not yours.
    I will bring about the solution that I desire.

    Lay hands and I will decide the outcome,” says the Lord.

    “Who will hear and turn? Who will follow Me with his whole heart?
    Who will lay aside his own life and seek My will only?
    Who will present himself a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Me?…..



    “High above My creation, above the portals of heaven, I am seated at the right hand of My Father in mercy and in grace.

    I have interceded for those who know Me, and for those who will know Me, and I tell you that My ministry of intercession is near the end.

    “Prepare yourselves, O inhabitants of the earth.
    Prepare to meet your MAKER!”

    “My warriors are being called and My army is mustering for holy vengeance.
    I am preparing for battle.
    The earth will shake apart and the heavens will explode at My coming,” says the Lord.


    “How many ways can I make it known? How many times can I warn?
    My messengers tell of My righteous judgments, yet the multitudes do not listen nor receive reproof.

    Therefore, drink up O foolish ones! Drink up the wrath of the Lord!

    And do not think to say, ‘Where is His coming? Is not the coming of the Lord afar, therefore we will escape His coming?’.

    Be not deceived, for the weeks and months ahead of My coming are but a moment in time.

    I tell you, THIS generation will surely see Me, and none will escape My wrath except those that I have marked, and covered, and set aside for My purpose.

    But the foolish ones will look upon Me in that day, and they will remember their foolishness. They will look upon Me whom they rejected, and their sorrow will flood within them for eternity, and I will remember them no more, (yet I will rejoice in those who have trusted Me in obedience),” says the Lord.


    “Hear this O Church, and hear this America;

    “Hear what the Lord God has to say to you who call yourselves by My name and say,…
    ‘God bless us, for we are a mighty nation and people’.

    Hear what the Lord has to say to you.

    For I, the Lord your God, bring a charge against you.
    Against the inhabitants of the land I bring a charge;…

    ‘You have forsaken your parents, ‘TRUTH and JUSTICE’, and have joined yourself in harlotry with the prince of Babylon. You have become his favorite mistress and a whore like no other, for your shame and deception is greater than all others.

    Your fall has gone unseen because your eyes are blinded by lust.
    You think that by your prosperity and wealth of things that I have blessed you, but I have not!

    You are a profane nation who slaughters the innocent and protects the guilty.
    And just as you have murdered and forgotten millions of children in the womb, so will I forget your children!

    Indeed, they have already been forgotten.
    They have been turned over to darkness;…

    ‘The seeds of the 60’s are in bloom.
    The world is in derision.
    Cry for them(unborn/future generations)no more.
    The spirit of anti-christ is upon you!’

    Your judgment is now and your destruction is from within.
    You shall wither and die, and the kings of the world will laugh and remember you no more.

    Arrogance is your fall. You have forgotten the Lord your God’. ”

    “O nation and people how I grieve over you!”


    “My sheep have strayed into other pastures,… pastures that seem good to them according to their desires. They feed on the grasses and drink the waters that neither nourish, nor quench thirst.

    I am the food and water that gives life.
    Eat of Me, and drink of Me, for I have laid down My life for the life of the sheep.

    My pastures are safety, and My fences are a protection and a hiding place where the lion cannot prey and the wolf cannot prowl.

    My waters are ‘wisdom and understanding’.
    My food is ‘strength and maturity’.
    My staff and My rod uphold the weak with the stamina of the Lord.”

    “Return to My pastures and know Me.
    I am the Good Shepherd and I know My sheep.
    My sheep have no need but to simply rest in My care wherever I lead them.”

    “Who will hear My voice? Who will turn and follow?”…..

    “The dust of the earth will burn and be no more,
    but the clay that I fashion will be with Me forever.”

    I am the LORD your GOD



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