We Were Warned (Part 4)

When a movie poster for the upcoming 2012 movie got me all charged up, I explored the possibility that we have indeed been warned (see parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series). In Part 3 I said that perhaps the time for repentence has passed, that we may be entering a time of judgment/wrath which cannot be avoided.

In saying this, I meant the time for collective repentence. But hear me on this: individual repentence is ALWAYS on the table.

“You were dead in your transgressions and sins… but because of his great love for us, God who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ — it is by grace you have been saved.” Ephesians 2:1, 4-5.

Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” 2 Chronicles 16:8-11.

It’s never too late for you and me. We may face certain physical death (don’t we all?) but it’s not too late for your spirit.

Having said that, this thinking about impending physical doom and gloom isn’t something I like. And while that movie poster gave me a hook for the blog, I’ve been studying Scripture on this topic for months to guide and confirm what I’ve felt in my spirit. I don’t take this subject lightly and neither should you.

So here’s what I’ve learned: don’t misplace your hope and trust. Extinction of humanity or the decline of the United States isn’t the worst that can happen. If you have repented individually and trust in Christ alone, you don’t need to worry about the worst thing. But you may be called to warn others!

There’s an old country hymn that popped into my head yesterday morning called “Sing and Be Happy.” I was at the park with my kids and I couldn’t stop humming the tune. Yes, even when I sense that we’re heading into a very difficult time, I could still hum this lighthearted tune while playing with my happy children. Why? For that, you’ll need to see the lyrics:

If the skies above you are gray, You are feeling so blue,
If your cares and burdens seem great all the whole day through,
There’s a silver lining that shines in the heavenly land,
Look by faith and see it my friend, Trust in His promises grand.

Often we are troubled and tired, Sick with sorrow and pain,
There are others living in sin blest with earthly gain,
Take new courage, we cannot tell what the morrow may bring,
When the dark clouds vanish away, Then your heart truly can sing.

Oft we fail to see the rainbow, Up in heaven’s fair sky,
When it seems the fortunes of earth frown and pass us by,
There are things we know that are worth more than silver and gold,
If we hope and trust Him each day, We shall have pleasure untold.

(CHORUS) Sing and be happy, Press on to the goal,
Trust Him who leads you, He will keep your soul;
Let all be faithful, Look to Him and pray,
Lift your voice and praise Him in song, Sing and be happy today.

This is my last post in this series.

6 thoughts on “We Were Warned (Part 4)

  1. Either that or something to tell the psychiatric warden. 🙂

    I’m still pondering the fiction idea. Someday maybe. Right now with this season of my life I only have time to write what flows naturally from me, and so far that seems to be mainly narrative nonfiction (and some scratchy prayer journaling!)


  2. If you believe I’m a pest, you’re right.

    John Grisham wrote his first novel by writing one page a day over a year’s time. He was a young lawyer, married and had a family. He allowed himself one hour per day.


  3. It is an interesting dicotomy to feel such joy and yet a heaviness at the same time. But I feel an incredible joy – despite what is happening around us. And I feel a heaviness for those I see slipping away into deception as I constantly pray for my protection and theirs.

    There is a lot going on spiritually and if we could peel back the phsyical layer and see I think we would be shocked and overwhelmed.

    Sometimes I feel I’m not sounding the warning enough. It is a delicate dance to speak so others will hear – then again God also told us most wouldn’t listen. I do feel called to warn others – thank you for the conviction and the encouragement to do so.



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