Thou Shalt Prepare?

In honor of National Preparedness Month (coming up in September), I’ve decided to write some posts about if/why Christians should prepare for potential emergencies. This topic has been on my heart for a while now, mainly because I have felt the urgent need to prepare for something. Over the summer I even conducted my own personal Bible study about preparedness and God’s people. Should we prepare? Or is preparation a waste of time that steals our spiritual focus?

For each post, I’ll write a few paragraphs or more highlighting biblical preparedness, and then conclude with a preparedness tip and a helpful website or book. I’m praying that the Lord will guide our hearts into His wisdom, as we all have different preparedness needs depending on geographical location and the nature of an unknown emergency.

And that brings me to the first major point: Without the Holy Spirit working among us, our preparation will be empty. Or put another way – the Holy Spirit makes our preparation efforts successful.

Noah is the ultimate example of Spirit-filled preparedness. In Genesis 6 we hear that Noah was a righteous man who walked with God. Then a few verses later we see these words, “So God said to Noah…” And then “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.”

Noah didn’t second-guess God or His instructions, even though it must have been difficult. He didn’t strike out on his own to build an underground shelter because he thought it would make more sense. He didn’t fall into a deep depression and do nothing, and he didn’t scoff at his imagination over a strong drink.

Noah heard God, and obeyed. When was the last time you heard God? Were you listening? Will you obey?

“By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family.” Hebrews 11:7

PREPAREDNESS TIP#1: If you do nothing else, get together a basic emergency kit for your family. It should include first aid supplies, flashlights with extra batteries, and enough water and non-perishable food to support your family for at least three days.

HELPFUL RESOURCE: emergency kit basics from – the federal government’s emergency planning website.

9 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Prepare?

  1. I’ve just been adding small things over time. It’s possible to spend a huge amount of money on the latest and best emergency/survival equipment, but I don’t have a huge amount of money right now so I’m going with the bare basics. Add something fun, too — like your favorite chewing gum.


  2. What a great idea. I think this is a really interesting look at a topic that doesn’t get any air time in Christian circles. Very interesting. I can’t wait to read more about the “preparedness” material you have in mind. Thanks for checking out my blog as well. How did you find me? Either way, thanks. I look forward to reading more of your blog as well.


  3. culturalawakening, thanks for the encouragement! You have a great blog too — I found it using the tag surfer and saw your most recent post. I’m adding you to my blogroll if that’s okay.


  4. a shared passion… I volunteer on a emergency medical team that has taught me so much about what the gov’t is doing, and what I can do… nice to see someone is looking out for the spiritual side as well!


  5. How many neighbors do we also buy stuff for? Just the ones on the right, left, front and back? Or do we have to care about the whole block?

    Scripture says, “We are to love our neighbors like ourselves.”


  6. Hmmm… neighbors, immediate family, extended family, church family, random angels (who some have entertained upon welcoming strangers into their home), emergency personnel and rescue workers in need of a cold drink. This really could add up.

    Next week’s post will discuss a good example of this. The Holy Spirit is the key ingredient.


  7. Thanks annaldavis. That would be great to be added to someone’s blogroll. I appreciate the support. Have a great day.


  8. Cindy – our governments are doing a whole lot, funny that I never noticed before a few months ago. Since Katrina preparedness is a huge focus. Just the other day I got a phone call from our county, letting me know that I’m on their emergency calling list and to spread the word among people who didn’t get the call.

    how did you end up volunteering for an emergency medical team?


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