Wind in a Storm

You know how you can feel change coming spiritually, before it actually arrives? I wrote about this several weeks ago in my post Family and Career. Here is what I said “Like the cool breeze coming through my window — so different from the summer heat – I know my season is changing. May God direct my steps.” And then in my last post Whether to Weather I talked about how “like the wind, the Holy Spirit is a free agent. It can be a hurricane or a gentle breeze… I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit scary to me. A bit dangerous.”

Last week the gentle breeze in my life  had a nip to it. Something was about to change. I had no idea what — and generally thought that it would be a positive thing. But let me tell you that right now, that in this week it does not feel positive and I’m doing everything I can do to remain pliable as dust in God’s wind as He molds me into His image.

Scary and dangerous — not in a fun adventurous way as I have experienced from God before, but in a deeply vulnerable and threatening way, rife with temptation and obstacles. I do not know where the Spirit is taking me right now, but I do know this: God is at work. He is everywhere on and in this, and like Larry Who said in a comment to last week’s post: “the Spirit just shows up and takes over.”

2 thoughts on “Wind in a Storm

  1. I love your vulnerability to God…it gives me courage. May He have His way and do His work and may all that is needed be provided…

    Godspeed, dear Sis…Godspeed…


  2. I love how people think the Holy Spirit is this gentle, nice, respectful Being. And yet, in Acts 2, He is a mighty wind, so much so that the believers appear to be drunk. Peter has to stand up…why? Probably because he was knocked over by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    What a mess it was on the first Pentecost? Yet, it did not bother the Holy Spirit in the least. He used it to draw a crowd and save 3,000 people.

    So, don’t worry. I guarantee the Holy Spirit (if you allow Him) will make an absolute mess of your life. Every corner. Every piece. Every particle. But out of the mess and its ashes will come the peaceable fruit of righteousness…and its worth it. Why? Because of the comforting presence of the Lord which will be upon you.


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