…and some other weird things

Yesterday we spent much of the afternoon outside in our backyard, relishing the beautiful sunshine and dry ground beneath our feet, instead of the muddy squishiness it has been. We had the privilege of discovering some interesting “experiments” our son had made and left out in the rain. One of them was particularly rank, and as my husband emptied it out we curiously asked our son what he had put in it?

His little five-year old face lit up. “Oh, some leaves, acorns, water, Dr. Pepper, some food, rocks, and um… and some other weird things.”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Clearly those “other weird things” held special significance. They made it uniquely his creation, but at the same time could be a potential source of trouble. My mind briefly wandered to all kinds of disturbing thoughts, filled with bacteria and House episodes on TV where kids get deathly ill from the sandbox. But it wasn’t a day for worrying, so I thought instead about the human heart.

There are things we freely tell others about ourselves. But we too often keep those other weird things — the things that make us both unique and potentially troublesome — under close lock and key behind our lips, perhaps even buried in our subconscious minds forever.

I wonder what those things would tell us about our Creator, if only we would share them with each other?

2 thoughts on “…and some other weird things

  1. Great point…saying it outloud makes it real and often feels vulnerable…
    interesting thought about what those things may say about God, may reveal about Him. cool insight, thanks for sharing… 🙂


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