Expired Coupons

In all the craziness of the holiday season, I did something twice that no stay-at-home mom on a budget should ever do: I went grocery shopping while hungry, and without my coupons. I didn’t even try to use the coupons. The thought of sitting down with the store circular, my list, and my overflowing coupon organizer just seemed too overwhelming, so I threw caution to the wind and just went shopping.

Well today I sat down to discard of all the expired coupons, and realized that I bought many items full price when I could have saved money. As I threw away numerous coupons reading 12/6, or 12/27, or 12/31 — I wondered if it was worth it, taking the easier way, but paying more money for it?

As we say goodbye to 2009, I wonder how many expired coupons exist in my spiritual life. Were there times when God offered me a discount, a freebie, more of something (buy one, get one), or a package deal and I turned Him down because it required some extra effort on my part?

Were there moments of joy I could have experienced had I only waded through the sorrow, or sweet kindness I would have felt had I endured the crankiness? Of course, I did take His offers many times. I am so very grateful that I did. The difficult road, when it’s the one God has placed before us, often yields amazing rewards.

In 2010 I want to have fewer unused, expired coupons. I want to see and accept more of what God offers to me. Not always easy, often requires much effort — but worth it.

4 thoughts on “Expired Coupons

  1. Mrs Davis, it seems like you are looking back over the year and saying “I failed at my relationship with God over the year.”

    Isn’t any relationship between a finite being and infinite being going to be characterized by failure on the weaker members part?
    What does it gain you to these regrets?


  2. Hi Stirling, you make a good point that a relationship between God (as infinite) and humanity (as finite) would have inequality.

    But I don’t know if regret is the right word. I don’t feel that I failed in my relationship with Him and it’s actually been a great year for me spiritually. One thing I’ve learned this year is about His vast love, and how I have the humbling opportunity to share this love with others every moment of my life.

    Did I love deeply enough to go through the fire with a friend, my husband, my children? Did I face the truth about myself, my family, life in general? Can I love anyway? Wholeheartedly?

    In the song I posted there’s a line that says “No regrets / Not this time /I’m gonna let my heart defeat my mind /Let Your love / Make me whole /I think I’m finally feeling something.”

    Sometimes God’s love doesn’t seem to make any rational sense. But the joy of that irrationality!


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