End Game

I had a strange dream the other night – we fought the enemy with bow and arrows, drank rainwater from cup-shaped rocks (if we were lucky enough to find them), and slept under the bed in 20-min shifts. In this relentless battle, our families, friends, neighbors, even our children harnessed bows and arrows to fight around the clock. I woke up feeling both uplifted and disturbed. Uplifted because we fought together, disturbed because there was no peace, no end in sight.

Tonight we will eat chili with Fritos and watch another epic battle – the Superbowl. It’s just a game of course. As a Dallas Cowboys fan I’m not terribly invested, and quite honestly I’m more excited about the friends and food. But when this Superbowl ends (and it will, as all games must), there will be always another sport or another team to get us cheering.

Someday the epic battle of our lives will also end. But if you are reading this – if you’re still breathing and conscious – your battle is not yet over. Every minute of every day we fight against our own selfishness and pride, while an enemy fires darts at your soul, spirit, mind, and emotions. There’s no break in the battle – once you take off your armor for a breather then watch out!

It’s a spiritual battle, with the highest of stakes. Loved ones will fall, you and I may be wounded, blood spills daily and we trip over the carnage of this war with our battle-torn shoes.

Are you fighting? Do you even know we’re at war?

It’s almost over, you know.

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak…. Are you still sleeping and resting? Look, the hour is near… But I say to all of you: In the future you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.” Matthew 26:41,45, 64.

9 thoughts on “End Game

  1. Thankfully God’s power and love fuels our fight and directs our hearts as we battle. Kill em with love…they can’t stand love.

    I agree with you and Larry…many don’t know a war is going on…very sad…as Larry says, we gotta wake up.

    Nice post, thanks!


  2. I am not fighting, simply because I have no fight left in me. Little need, I should think, since the battle is already won.

    But, I am alive. And my life I live for Him. I fail often and much, but that hardly matters. Jesus made sure of it.


  3. noreaster — thanks for stopping by. Thank you for the beautiful words that the battle is already won. Like you I am so very grateful for the grace that Jesus provides for us, that even in our sinful and flawed state He loves us so fully.

    When I talk about fighting, I mean the spiritual war raging over myself (whether I give into anger, temptation, etc.), our families, friends, church, state, country and so on. Yes Jesus won the ultimate victory, but Satan wants to take as many people down with him as possible. That’s why we’re called to fight in the Spirit (Ephesians 6).

    But having said that, Jesus also provides rest when we can’t fight anymore. He sets us in spacious places. I will pray that you can fully know His rest and refreshment even in the thick of battle, and I praise God that you live your life in Him!


  4. Hi Anna,
    It’s a good point that you make in this post. I’m not sure that we realize at times that there is a real battle to fight. It’s very hard to get spiritually motivated when surrounded by the comforts of Babylon.
    Sometimes I think if life were a little harder and one found themselves in a situation where they just had to be on their knees more often it would be better for us, concerning the faith.
    The battle front would be clearly seen, the war unavoidable.

    This is why I guess Christ tells the lukewarm comfy church that they are poor, blind, pitiful and naked.
    What do we really need God for, what is it in my life that demands that I get on my knees each day and call on Him for my provision, that He keep me, sustain me, I have everything I need. Babylon offers me pretty much everything I need.

    There in lies the battle front for the Western church. Do we have the strength to escape the snare of this fowler, to recognise that our culture is killing us, weakening our faith, blinding our eyes, and leaving us naked before God concerning His righteousness.


    Bless you,


    1. Hi Tim — these are great insights. It’s almost impossible to see our own weak faith in our culture — especially when you define “strong faith” in terms of how many blessings God brings our way, or how big our homes and cars are. But when we begin to see those “blessings” as temptations, then it’s a whole different story. Maybe the real blessings in our current culture (Babylonian culture, as you say) are when God allows us to be uncomfortable, because then it’s easier to depend on Him and to see the inner war at hand.

      We have a lot to learn from the believers in Haiti, who after losing almost everything still raise their hands in praise.

      I always appreciate your thoughts — thanks for dropping in!


  5. I’m battling for my own resolve and that of my 8 year old son, whose resolve is bridled by the world. it IS a spiritual battle that he simply can’t resolve in himself his issues. Could use some prayer on this worldly battle in the now!!!


  6. Hi Cindy — I saw this about 15 minutes ago (I was at the computer writing a new post) just shortly after you wrote it, and left the desk to walk around the house and pray. I will continue in prayer over you and your son. Of all the battles entrusted to us, parenting must have the highest of stakes.


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