pluralism and the END of the WORLD

This is probably one of my more dramatic post titles, and if WordPress had a soundtrack widget I imagine there would be some intense thematic music in the background. Maybe if this were a speech instead of a blog, I would stand at the podium, wild-eyed, staring everyone down before spitting out the words “pluralism! and. the. END. OF. THE. WORLD!!!” I’m sure I would be convincing, all 4’10” of me (because I can be convincing, you know).

So this is a weighty topic and while it deserves a heavy hand I certainly am not in the mood for that tonight. VBS with a bunch of screaming happy kids (some with waterguns) will do that to a person. But here we go…

Pluralism says that “all paths to truth are valid,” even opposing paths. This is the prevalent philosophy of American culture and much of the West, and it won’t be long before globalization spreads pluralism to all corners of the earth. While I believe that working together to achieve unity and world peace is ALWAYS good in the natural world, the spiritual message behind pluralism leads us down a dark lie-based alley. This is because to achieve unity through religious pluralism, we ignore our differences to such an extent that we think we are spiritually united with other faiths, when in fact two such faiths may believe opposite things. This is a false spiritual unity. (For the unabridged version of these thoughts click here, here, and here.)

I suspect that the false spiritual unity brought about through pluralism is related to the Spirit of Babylon (the great harlot) that we read about in Revelation. The Babylonian spirit is known for how it puffs up, flatters, and causes us to think that we are everything, that we can be like God, and that there is no other besides us. This is what took humanity out of God’s presence in the Garden of Eden, and I’m beginning to think that it will be the same spirit that ushers in the kingdom of the antichrist at the end of the world. It makes sense, doesn’t it? To come full circle, back to the original deceit.

So just imagine with me another 30 years or so of pluralism, where I don’t talk about Jesus and you don’t talk about Muhammad (or we ignore some of the more crazy parts, like the whole “I am the way, the truth and the life” bit) and we all begin to feel a type of synergy with each other. The nations and governments get really cozy. Sure there will continue to be wars, but the overall flow of things will tend to bring us closer together. The nations will NEED each other like never before, we will be interdependent. Enmeshed. Anything that threatens this blissful “we are one-ness” will be seen as extremism.  Old-fashioned. Mythic. Less evolved. Primitive.

And it’s all a costume, based on a philosophy that promotes false unity. So what happens when you build a modern-day Tower of Babel on a lie?

The same thing that happened to the first Tower of Babel, only this time a beast will be waiting in the wings. Check out Revelation 17 and 18 to see how this will play out in the spiritual realm, that beautiful and dangerous place we cannot yet see.

Of course I don’t know what will happen over the next 30 years. Sometimes I think God laughs at us, down here, trying to figure these things out with our limited intelligence. I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. Do you? I mean, do you REALLY know?

8 thoughts on “pluralism and the END of the WORLD

  1. All this “End of the World” talk etc. I fear that we have corrupted you Anna. If I recall not so long ago you were a mum writing about mum issues and alike, but now look at you. Pluralism, chaos, dark lies and the end of the world.
    In Australia we have a saying “you go girl” LOL as my kids say…..

    Indeed here in your words you reveal sowething which is now very clear “To come full circle, back to the original deceit” It was the establishment of Babel that ushered in this age, a city whose towers reached to heaven, and it will be Babylon that closes this age. Interesting to note is that it is not her towers that now reach to heaven but something quite similar, yet unseen to most.

    Revelation 18:5 For her sins are piled up to heaven and God has remembered her crimes.

    The mystery tower exists, it’s just that most can’t see it as they remain blind to the mystery of iniquity.

    Bless you, have enjoyed reading these past few posts of yours, as always.


    1. Hi Tim, LOL. I must admit it is difficult to balance being a mother of delightful young children, with these deeper feelings of world decline and chaos! It gives me a deeper understanding of how God can “delight” in us even as He sees the darkness in our world.
      Thanks for your thoughts with this series!


  2. While I don’t believe in the human spirit as transcendent immortal being, I do find it a handy expression for all the things that are inside, the human software, so to speak. In that sense, I agree pluralism is destructive to the human spirit, like all the other internalized lies: “Fat is ugly” “Non-white is less valuable.” “I deserve abuse” and “Everything is equally true.”

    Something odd I have noticed having discussions like this with you, family and others, is that because I am an atheist, I am often the “enemy” and become the repository of all the beliefs they oppose. My father sent me a book called “Reason for God, belief in God in an age of reason”. It’s quite misnamed. It should be “Reason for Jehovah, belief in the God of the Bible in an age of pluralism”. The problem is that being an atheist, I am the enemy to many Christians. If they hear the enemy is pluralistic, than I must be also. Which is dumb, because naturalism (the worldview of which atheism is a theology) is about the most anti-pluralistic paradigm that ever existed.

    Your statement on how pluralism might eventually become a new syncretic faith reminds me of the backfly of Donald Spotto’s “The Hidden Jesus” which said “Jesus came teaching no theology.” Except perhaps that he was the Son of God???

    But I wouldn’t worry about the Iron Hand of pluralism closing just yet. I’m not a pluralist, so I found Reason for God useless, but he does touch on humor of the single absolute of pluralism…there can be no absolutes. I think in the end, that inherent contradiction dooms pluralism. It’s kind of like saying “DEATH TO ALL EXTREMISTS” or “YOU NONCONFORMISTS ARE ALL ALIKE.”


    1. Hi rageomatic, I haven’t yet read either of those books although I’ve been meaning to. Having not read “The Hidden Jesus” I can say that I do like its title. It’s more difficult to find the love of Jesus than most people think — not because Jesus isn’t loving us, but because there are so many false messages out there. Sometimes I think this is what is meant by the “narrow is the path, and few are those who find it” verse. I used to think that verse was about being republican, or not drinking, or doing everything the right way. But now I think that in a world of widespread religious deception, the love of God is this narrow bright light we can barely see, but when we find glimpses of it here and there we begin to understand God’s grace and love.

      I don’t think you are pluralistic, and I certainly don’t think you’re the enemy. 🙂 I’m pretty sure the enemy doesn’t have human skin.

      I agree that pluralism SHOULD be doomed, because of the inherent contradiction as you said. But it seems to be gaining ground, if you listen closely to the religious language around you from all faiths.


  3. The truth sets people free, but compromising the truth for the sake of supposed harmony or tolerance will only ensnare everyone. And the winner will be Satan who hates all of creation.


    1. Thanks Larry. You know it reminds me of when my children realized that someday our dog (who is now about 9 years old) will die. I couldn’t lie when they asked me if our dog would die before they grow up. When I gently said — yes, probably — they dissolved into tears and how I wished I could have said that no, their “buddy” would never die! But that wouldn’t have been the truth and the lie would have hurt them worse in the long run.

      And yet the Truth of Jesus is a positive thing, that we should be happy to share with our enslaved world.


  4. Hello. Thanks so much for addressing this topic. We are truly in an age when the cry or “can’t we all just get along” is held in higher esteem than scriptural truth. It is a paving of the way, so to speak for the beast system which shall ensnare the entire world.

    Such considerations should both keep us atuned and cause us to draw closer to Jesus. Thanks.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.



    1. Hi timbob — you make an important point that knowing the times should cause us to draw closer to Jesus, to make sure we can hear and identify His voice above all others.
      Thanks for stopping in!


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