seeing God’s Kingdom (the shimmer and rhythm)

Someday I will see things with my eyes that I can only imagine now. Flying creatures like birds, bizzare creatures that make earth’s strangest animals seem normal. I will soar through the air like that great scene from Avatar, colorfully geared for battle and surrounded by fellow warriors. We will shoot down the enemy — the great oppressor of all that is good and just and pure. Our victory dance will exceed any celebration you have ever known.

Someday, I tell myself wistfully. Someday.

Or today?

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure in a field, like a net lowered into a lake, like a tiny mustard seed that grew into a tree, like a merchant looking for fine pearls, like a small amount of yeast that spread through the dough. In all these examples the Kingdom starts out small and hidden, and grows into something of great and massive value.

The analogy is true within myself. My understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven used to be small and narrow, based on what I did right or wrong that day. Over time I have searched for the Kingdom, and let me tell you it can be hard to find. There is so much deception in our world. But through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, my understanding began to grow and now I see the Kingdom more than before. Not perfectly. Still “as in a mirror, dimly.” But MORE.

Do you see God’s Kingdom now?

He’s building it into something beautiful and unshakable. There is adventure and glory, love and acceptance. You will want to stay forever. Do you see it?

(For the background to this post title, click here.)

2 thoughts on “seeing God’s Kingdom (the shimmer and rhythm)

  1. This is really well-written, as is the one you have linked to it. The sentence structure and the analogies. It makes me envious to realize how much talent is packed into you.

    Oh! And yes, the Kingdom of God is something I long to understand better and better.


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