blood of a dead man

According to NASA, dead zones in the ocean have “grown explosively in the past half-century.”  A marine dead zone results when an area of the ocean is so low in dissolved oxygen that life cannot survive.  The map embedded in this post shows the number and size of current aquatic dead zones.

You’ll notice that most of the affected ocean is along the most populated coastlines. Man-made chemicals like fertilizer run off into the oceans and upset the microbial balance of the water, which in turn affects oxygen levels. NASA concludes that “mass killing of fish and other sea life often results.”

This development reminds me of Revelation 16:3, which says that when the second bowl of God’s wrath is poured out, the sea will be “turned into blood like that of a dead man” and every living thing in the sea will die.

I have often interpreted this verse to mean that the water will literally turn into blood, much as it did in Pharaoh’s day. But the verse actually says that it turns into blood LIKE that of a dead man.

One of the main characteristics of the death process is that the heart stops pumping blood around the body. As this happens, the tissues and cells lack oxygen and quickly begin to die. So the blood of a dead man is low in oxygen, resulting in the death of cells and organs.

Therefore a sea that is like dead man’s blood would be low in oxygen, resulting in the death of fish and sea life.

Could it be that we are seeing this prophecy from Revelation fulfilled, right before our eyes? How interesting that science might eventually confirm what John foresaw thousands of years ago, that the seas would become like the blood of a dead man.

To track the growing aquatic dead zones, click here.

23 thoughts on “blood of a dead man

  1. This is certainly disturbing news. I guess on the other hand it may be exciting to realize that if this is as you say, possibly linked to Revelations 16.3, it is an important time to be alive. I always misread the blood reference also. Seems to me these things being “poured out” on us gradually, can catch us unawares of what they may represent.

    From Legos to the End Times, I was blown away! Good one Anna!


    1. Thanks, Pops. Who knows what will actually happen, right? There is so much danger in false interpretation of Scripture. But apathy and ignorance also have dangers…
      I like to think about the “what-if’s” especially when science and prophecy might intertwine.


    2. I have been studying the book of Revelation an read that very scripture. I had no idea the difference between living and dead blood. Thank you so much for posting this I had the same interpretation as you. This could be a possibility we are destroying ourselves. Thanks again!!! Jenny


  2. The only problem with that mindset is that you’re viewing a totally fixable problem as a biblical prophecy. That sort of rules out a solution, since fixing it would be raising your arm against god. Runoff water quality is actually one of the easier environmental disasters to monitor, and thus fix.


    1. “Totally fixable” may not apply to low oxygen in our oceans, according to some scientists who believe “the trend is here to stay.”
      But even so, I don’t see how a fixable problem would be “raising your arm against god.” Many times in Scripture God uses human actions (and their natural consequences) as His judgments against us. Obadiah 1:15 says “The day of the LORD is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.”

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    2. It is to be…. That’s what people don’t realize. The Bible doesn’t say it happens UNLESS. So whether it happens because we do it ourselves and God lets us, or if God speaks it into fruition… It’s going to happen. It’s happening… still 7 years later.


    3. This is the problem with the accepted interpretations of prophecy. Everyone thinks God’s “judgements” mean that God is doing these things to the earth. That we cannot stop them. That to stop them is subverting God’s will. But God wants good for us. God wants his children to do right.

      Think about this, what is the function of a judge? Is it not to weigh the evidence of wrongdoing? Does the judge actually commit the acts or does he make judgements about those acts?

      Prophecy is a warning. The prophets carried God’s warnings to the people to give them a chance to change their ways. If we heed the prophets and change our ways, the prophesied evil result will not happen. We learn this in the story of Jonah. God sends Jonah to Nivea to tell them all the things that will happen because of their evil actions. They repent and change their ways and the horrible prophecy does not come about. If you remember, it is Jonah that has a meltdown over this. He is angry that God does not fulfill the prophecy that Jonah delivered for him. God was certainly not upset that the Nivians changed their ways and averted the disaster. That was his whole purpose in sending the warning.

      Mankind’s greed and ambition is destroying this earth. The prophets have sounded the warning. We need to change our ways. We need to learn to live on this earth and care for it. To fix the things God created for us that we are ruining. That is not counter to God’s will. I believe that is God’s will.


      1. Wishful thinking, with your heart in the right place. The Lord God I’m sure would be more than happy for us to turn from the sin of destroying the earth through rampant consumerism … Your word in God’s ear and the willfully ignorant deniers of the rapidly accelerating destruction of the world wide environment. It’s so sad that so many don’t realize the feedback loops are already switched on and there’s no way to switch them off. It’s far more serious than most people are willing to entertain as a reality. It’s too distressingly terrifying. People just go revert to denial mode, heart breaker as we pummel Mother earth to death. God judgement if you want to call it that is simply God letting us have it our own way.
        Here’s a good anecdotal novel with plenty of humor to help rise above the seriousness of it all, and indeed it’s extremely more serious then most people are will to begin acknowledge


  3. I am glad to see discussions of the possibilities. If we become fixated on the actual wording of someone who didn’t have the language or words to describe what he saw, we could completely miss the sign all together. Pioneer, I would like to think we could work towards fixing it, but to let God have his way. Does it preclude us caring of our environment? I think not, but not to become weary in doing good. 🙂 Thank you all.


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    1. That’s what’s actually happening… The oxygen is clumped up and it can’t get through the gills/breathing apparatus. They can’t filter the air in and they’re suffocating.

      A BUNCH of starfish and varieties of sea life just washed up massively on a beach in Europe


  5. It’s now 2018 and the sea is apparently becoming deader and exponentially!

    Coral is dying too, and when it’s gone so will be a quarter of sea life species. No oxygen does = death… The sea is turning out to have this is common with the blood of a dead man.

    Bees 🐝 are dying off too. We’re supposed to have 6 years once THAT fully happens.

    The Bible says it would get to the point where no living thing will survive if Jesus doesn’t cut that period short… But how far into this death season do we get first?


  6. The massive current in the sea is a heart of the effects of this would be the UK being colder..we are predicted snow for this weekend in some parts of the UK it’s the 15th of March.. It should be getting.warmer not colder


  7. “Spawn of my Error” is a book about biblical Eve in modernity … it covers so many subjects including environmental ones with one of the arch enemies in the book Babylonia the destroyer of the earth … free sample reading of course on Amazon … it puts a humorous spin on these very serious subjects … Eve puts the hurt on Babylonia the great whore … Eve’s a tree hugging lover of the earth … way reasonably priced … check it out to get a rush from good triumphing over evil in the end which indeed it shall … win in the end … God wins hands down in the end with no question about it … whatsoever.


  8. After those days Lord Jesus Christ will assume His throne in Jerusalem……and a stream of water flowed from beneath His throne into the sea, refreshing the waters.


    1. To take the earth for granted is a grave mistake … she is our mother and without her we cannot live … the Lord God is pouring out his judgement on a unappreciative world unappreciative for the good things God provides like clean water and air and we haven’t seen anything yet but it’s getting there while most people stick their heads in the sand … but when you see all these things coming to pass look up (heavenward) for then our redemption draws close … amen?


  9. From my Commentary on Revelation: Blood of a dead man (Rev 16:3) IMO alludes to the pasty red blood cells that settle from the plasma when the circulation stops. This perhaps indicates “red tide” algae (see the note at Rev 8:9).

    “Rivers became blood” (Rev 16:4) is reminiscent of Ex 7:20:

    …all the waters in the Nile were turned into blood. (Ex 7:20)

    A red-tide bloom was triggered in 2010 by ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. Southern Florida in the U.S. has had problems with red-tide algal bloom as well. Such bloom is toxic to sea life. (Wikipedia, Algal Bloom).


  10. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, great discussion. However, don’t forget that Rev 16:3 is a bowl judgement of God’s wrath against those who have rejected Him. It isn’t a judgement that true believers will be here to witness, fortunately. As God’s bowl judgements are poured out, men are unrepentant and repeatedly blaspheme God for the hardships that come their way.


  11. Thank you for the article. I’m teaching through the Revelation, currently looking at Chapter 16 tomorrow. I was looking for resource on the composition of dead men’s blood and came across your article. You’re right, it is important to interpret the literal wording of the text, God wrote it by the Holy Spirit. I will say that even though we do see foreshadowing of things to come as the world slowly deteriorates, I believe that this plague, actually more literally a “blow” or “wound” on the earth, comes at the last 2-3 months, or less, in this age, just before the literal, physical return of Jesus Christ to the earth. The text reveals this as a supernatural judgement from God. Many today, who reject God, instead worship the planet, and the oceans. In judgment, He will destroy the oceans and everything in it, in a very short period of time. When you read Chapter 16, you see that this is just one of seven final judgments on man for his rejection of God, and of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. May we be found in Him.


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