Down the Rabbit Hole

Two dead newborn bunnies. One AWOL mother. And cuddled deep inside a nest of twigs and fur… one squirmy orphan, straining upward in search of milk.

This was our dilemma a few days ago, and so far we’ve kept that orphaned bunny alive for 48 hours. But it’s a minute-by-minute operation. Some might say it’s impossible. Did you know that fewer than 10% of handfed wild baby bunnies survive? They are among the most difficult of all wild animals to rear from infancy.

In pop culture, “the rabbit hole” is often used to describe an adventure into the unknown. Our backyard rabbit hole certainly qualifies as an unknown adventure.

Could it be that life itself is a rabbit hole? We see death and abandonment all around, gruesome spiritual realities that discourage and dishearten. But there is life down there somewhere!! And too few of us go looking for that last surviving bunny. IF we do find it, the whole thing just seems downright impossible.

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010) is one of my favorite movies, and I can’t help but think of it now, as we work toward the “impossible” task of raising a wild bunny. I’ve posted a short clip from the movie.

Something to consider: If life is a rabbit hole, with spiritual casualties all around, then who is our jabberwocky? What six impossible things can we believe, before breakfast?

1. There is a drink that will end my thirst forever.
2. There is a bread that can make me grow spiritually.
3. God is working all the time.
4. Jesus is alive.
5. There is a place called the Kingdom of God.
6. I can do all things through Christ.

2 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. I really like your list of impossible things we can believe. I’ve been really trying to focus on #3 these days and adding to that thought, God loves us all the time.

    I hope you can beat the survival odds with the bunny, I didn’t know they were the hardest wild orphaned animal to keep alive. It’s a wonder there are so many of them.

    Blessings to you and your family,



  2. Hi Stan — thanks for your comment, sorry I’m just now responding! I like your addition that God loves us all the time. That is SO hard to comprehend, so counter-intuitive. I’m so grateful for His grace.


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