To Hell and Back

We saw Battle: Los Angeles last night, and in my opinion the whole movie can be wrapped up in Aaron Eckhart’s line “I’ll go to hell and back for you, sir.” What a great message that even the overused extraterrestrial theme couldn’t dilute – trust and devotion in combat situations.

“I’ll go to hell and back for you.” Has anyone ever said that to you, personally? Has anyone ever actually done it? Human connections can be powerful indeed. They can cause us to walk straight into enemy fire when under direct attack by forces that aren’t even human.

I’ll go to hell and back for you. I’ll search through rubble in radioactive disaster zones, using a chainsaw to clear away debris, hoping and praying that you’re alive down there. I’ll jump in front of an oncoming train, just to free you from the tracks. I’ll risk my career, my entire livelihood, to do the right thing for you. I’ll sacrifice myself, for you.

I’ll wade through your darkest emotions – your hate, despair, rage, and self-pity – hoping and praying that I’ll find you somewhere down there. I’ll confront my own darkness, my own hate and despair, my own rifts of the soul, my own radioactive cloud.

I’ll do anything to clear away debris and rubble until I can see the truth of our situation – the enemy in our midst, the survivors gasping for air, bleeding and parched from thirst.  I will do whatever it takes. I won’t run, or hide, or deny.  I’ll go to the edge of sanity with you, the places in your mind that don’t quite add up, the places in my own. I’ll stay up all night, get up early, miss meals, take bullets, weep tears of sorrow, and listen to your screams of pain. I will sacrifice my own comfort, for you.

You’re alive somewhere down there. I’m hoping and praying that you are. I’ll go to hell and back for you, because I’ve seen it done before.

Someone did it for me.

We love, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

8 thoughts on “To Hell and Back

  1. Yet, unfortunately, many people never accept that He loved us enough to do it:( If you get a chance, please come and check out my site at chanceman4. My name is Chris Chance and there is a link on my blog to listen to my CD, “Following You” featuring “You” and “His Prints Are in the Sand” (based on the Footprints poem). Also you can go to You can download any or all of my songs for the price of your choosing…pretty good deal…you can even get them for free, as long as you put in an email address and zip code. We are trying to get this project up and moving, so anything you can do and any way you could pass it on would be greatly appreciated.Hope you enjoy and are blessed by it!!!!
    Thanks and God Bless!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Chris! It is so sad that many people don’t accept His love. All we can do is pray, and use our gifts, and be available for God to use us, to help reach them. Many blessings as you move forward with your music — I read through some of your lyrics and they are powerful.


  2. My 18 year old son and some of his friends went to this movie and loved it. Garret is a fine young man and loves the Lord. I will have to ask him more questions and see if he comes close to identifying the sacrifices Jesus made for us, to sacrifices made in this film. Should be fun and instructive.

    You definitely have a way with words, I really enjoy reading your posts. Are any of your “little darlings” in here? I am not a writer, I have drawn and made ceramic sculptures, and crafted pots. I had some “little darlings” when I made bowls and vases, I will have to go back and examine some drawings to see if I had them there. Thanks for exercising my brain.


  3. In not so many words, I have said this to my kids, to my brothers/sisters-in-arms, and to anyone else with a pulse. I live this ‘idea/feeling’.

    I was born to a Mormon family. My family went through hell and back for me.
    I do not share their ‘religion’ but we do share acceptance and love for all things in their diversity.

    I know that when I come over on a Sunday afternoon, my father will not ‘brow-beat’ me with the message of the sermon he delivered just hours before. I respect my father and honor him by not trying to debate with him our differing opinions about the subject. He respects and honors me by accepting this difference and embracing those things we do hold in common e.g. love of music, DIY Projects, handcraft…

    I believe, we as a people, can be better. And we shape our future with decisions we make and opportunities we seize/miss. This is something I witnessed first hand in Iraq. I was asked by an Iraqi woman why, after destroying the local school, I cared to stay and rebuild it anew from the foundation up. I told her, rather the ‘terp (interpreter), that I believe everyone has a responsibility to the young, and the future. At first, the ‘terp (Interpreter) thought the woman was addled, as she said nothing and her expression was blank. She sharply walked into her home and was not seen for several hours. When we next saw her, she was directing several women with armloads of food and drink to where we were working. She told the ‘terp she could help to rebuild by keeping us fed.

    You cannot find food like that here in the states. It tasted of appreciation and commitment. Unless you’ve tasted food that had a meaning behind it, and shared it with those who understand, you can never fully appreciate that.

    This is why I have lived the ‘idea/feeling’ expressed in the OP. It is not due to some unseen force affecting my choices. I choose this because I want us to strive to be better to each other and to better understand one another, to do away with the current “I don’t understand/accept it, so it is wrong. Destroy it.” attitude that permeates society today.

    Lead by example brought us to where we are today from the caves. In all it’s good/bad incarnations in between, lead by example has done it.

    …and so I lead.


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