Writing Update

For the summer months (May through August), I have changed my primary blog to Summer without Camp – a temporary blog for parents who want to have a fun, low-cost summer with their children. This means that my gravatar will link to the summer blog instead of this one. At the end of August I’ll change the link back. I’ll also continue posting to this blog, Invisible Ink, throughout the summer months.

Why a temporary summer blog, you ask? When I was growing up, summer was a time for swimming and sandboxes, lazy days with books and crafts, going over to friend’s houses and exploring museums with grandparents. But now parents spend huge amounts of money to make sure their kids stay busy and entertained during the summer, including back-to-back camps of all lengths and varieties. Anything to keep the kids from watching TV all day, right?

For the record, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with camps. But for parents who want a low-cost, simple summer for their children, this blog will follow our adventures and provide tips and helpful resources. My goal for this blog is to show that we don’t need to spend excess money and over-schedule our children to get the most out of summer.

To spread the “simple summer” message, I also plan to write articles and guest-posts for other sites and blogs – so look for me around the web.

My other writing projects include working on a novel, and maintaining www.SomethingMissing.org – a website that my husband and I created together (with several other couples) as a way to explore what’s been missing from our lives and culture.

For more about my writing, click here.

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