Click Here to Export Your Brain

Productivity, note-taking, and mind-mapping software can be helpful to those of us who struggle with remembering things. We’re only human, after all. Personally I like to make lists and take notes on simple index cards. But what happens when I forget where I put the index card? Or forget what I was supposed to write down in the first place?

That’s why many people find they need an “external brain” like Evernote, Producteev, or any number of other similar apps. Patrick Jones, a Catholic deacon who suffers from traumatic brain injury, uses Evernote to remember just about everything. Because of repeated concussions, Jones has an extremely low short-term memory bank.

“I sought out tools that would help me compensate — finding computers to be a powerful ‘wheel chair’ for the brain. With the advent of the iPhone (and other smart phones), I had a portable external brain. Tools like gave me a bucket to place all my notes. Not having to waste brain energy trying to do what my brain doesn’t do well, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot more, all while being close to my family,” Jones writes, on his website Mind Your Head Co-Op.

While I don’t have a traumatic brain injury, I do have ADHD so I can understand why Patrick Jones wants to export his memory and thoughts into a more reliable place.  Last week I wrote about how I tried Evernote for a few days and really enjoyed the convenience. But Evernote’s cloud-based technology brought up some concerns, and I decided that I don’t trust the cloud with my head contents. I even struggle with trusting God sometimes, so I really can’t fathom trusting a network of servers to keep my brain safe. I deleted my account a few days later.

Guess I’ll just stick with index cards.  They are highly portable. You can tape them to things and tack them to bulletin boards. And they come in different sizes and colors, some lined for neat writing, and others totally blank for vivid brainstorming and mind-mapping.

But more about that in the next post…

6 thoughts on “Click Here to Export Your Brain

  1. I agree, I do not trust these depositories of all our information. I realize that may sound paranoid but the sophistication of hackers and programs to steal information are way more than I am willing to ignore.


  2. We live in a world of constant changing technology where people are able to steal our ideas and even our identities because of hacking. We can be totally safe by moving to upper Montana and doing nothing, living in a safe cocoon of ice and cold. Or we can believe that our God, the Creator and Maker of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and every computer hacker in the world is more than able to protect us.

    All we have to do is ask Him to protect our stuff in the cloud or wherever.

    Does this mean we will never have problems? Probably not… because our God likes us to be in the midst of circumstances and action, and sometimes, He uses us to bait His traps. But even then, He will run to our rescue to show Himself strong on our behalf.


    1. Hi Larry, to some extent I completely agree. God is totally in control, but Jesus also told us to be shrewd as we go out as sheep among the wolves. I’m not totally against the cloud, since this WordPress blog is cloud-based. But Christ is the only “server” I trust with my whole brain.


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