Take the Hope Challenge

Have you noticed that true hope is hard to find lately? And it’s getting worse… possibly worse than ever before. Try this checklist to see if your corner of the world is losing hope:

  • You go to a store and observe the faces streaming through the check-out lines – most look drawn, stressed, tired, and discouraged.
  • More and more people are escaping from life through entertainment, because actually living their own lives is too overwhelming.
  • When you try to find hope, it requires that you: 1) buy something, 2) join something, or 3) “like” something on Facebook.
  • People everywhere are distracted by their phones, and unable to focus on real conversations in their midst.
  • You turn on a family-friendly radio station, only to hear commercials implying that you can’t feel comfortable or happy with yourself unless you get laser-hair removal or microdermabrasion.
  • Tired of commercialism, you go to church for some real hope… but when you arrive, you see shiny promotional banners all through the building, selling the latest “life-changing” new way of viewing Christianity. Then you are told that you should buy the book and a T-shirt.
  • Technology seems to be causing more problems than ever… and you wonder if the movie “Gremlins” was prophetic rather than fictional.
  • Any effort you make to live a simpler and more authentic life is strongly opposed from all sides.
  • Any message you hear about simple hope in the Good News of Jesus is complicated and difficult to understand for some reason or another.

Do you agree with me that true hope is becoming more difficult to find in our digital culture? Why or why not?

Take the Hope Challenge and start looking at — really seeing — the world around you. Do you see people who have hope, who know how to give and receive hope, or do you see people who are becoming increasingly distracted and hopeless? The best thing about the Hope Challenge is that you don’t have to buy, join, or do anything. You only need to start observing the world around you.

 (Note: This is the beginning of a new series called “Traces of Hope… in a world less human.”)

3 thoughts on “Take the Hope Challenge

  1. If you’re wondering where I’ve been for almost two months (and why I’ve been looking for hope!) then here is your answer — in the past five weeks, we have moved homes, changed school districts, and endured several rounds of sickness including a stomach virus, lice, and strep throat. Nothing horrible, but it has been stressful. Now we’re unpacked, more or less healthy, and I’m glad to be back!


  2. “…Any message you hear about simple hope in the Good News of Jesus is complicated and difficult to understand for some reason or another…”

    I once complained to the Lord that being a Christian was too complicated for me. Not too long afterward, I heard Him say to my heart: “No, it’s not. Just walk with Me and believe. Then, when I tell you to repent, do it.”

    Glad to see you’re back.


  3. I totally agree that hope is becoming more difficult to find and it causes me to be increasingly grateful to God for the hope I find in Christ; that ‘s an ever present hope that I continuously run to in a world where other types of hope fail more often than not…….thanks for sharing your thoughts….Kim


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