This post nailed it for me tonight… writing tips AND how to make chocolate cake in a mug. Wow!

While We're Paused...

Every writer has dealt with that massive, invisible beast that plants itself squarely on our desks, preferably in front of our computer screens, and leers at us in a mocking sort of way, just daring us to get anything accomplished.  Sometimes this beast teams up with Facebook or another soul-sucking website and we lose hours without knowing where they’ve gone.

And our story sits tragically abandoned.

There are lots of ways to get around writer’s block.  We all have our tried and true methods, so I  thought I’d contribute a couple of mine.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes (quite frequently, actually) I just need to get away from my work.  And I don’t mean Facebook away or even read-a-good-book away.  Those have their places (especially the latter).  But little treats that allow me the sense of escape can make all the difference when it’s…

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  1. My ancient Window XP laptop is probably the best thing to keep my writer’s block at a distance.It’s so slow that Facebook and Google almost stop it. Thus, I keep on writing. Yet, the chocolate cake in a mug sounds tempting.


  2. On second thought, maybe the chocolate cake is more of a distraction than a help for the writing process. Since this post, I’ve made it several times. Even got the whole family involved. We experimented with how many chocolate chips to add, how long to microwave it, etc. Great for family bonding, not so good for writing!


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