Through Arid Places: Reservoirs of Evil

Evil spirits prefer humans. We’re just special that way, all wrapped up in the trappings of humanity, openly vulnerable to demonic infection. Our emotional chemistry and weaknesses of the flesh provide the perfect habitat for their growth. Since the fall of humanity, we are the natural reservoir of evil.

In epidemiology, a reservoir is the “habitat in which an infectious agent normally lives, grows and multiplies; reservoirs can include human reservoirs, animal reservoirs, and environmental reservoirs.”

Most infectious agents have a natural reservoir in which they grow best. Viruses, for example, reproduce and grow only inside of living cells. Because of their genetic structure, they will not survive for long on inanimate surfaces. Evil spirits are the same way. They will do anything to stay inside a living human host. While there are some biblical examples of demons entering animals, other species cannot seem to tolerate demonic infection, and certainly don’t provide the depth of spiritual mischief that humans offer.

But what happens when an evil spirit leaves a human host?

In Matthew 12:43, we read that it “wanders through arid (waterless / dry) places seeking rest.” Right away, we can see that an evil spirit without a host is restless. Not comfortable. Seeking. Prowling. Hungry. Like a coyote in a summer drought, lean and thin and dangerous.

It needs to rest. It needs spiritual shelter and food. And yes, it needs water.

Water holds great significance in the spirit realm.

Though no coincidence, the Bible both begins and ends with references to water. In Genesis we read that “darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters” (Gen 1:2). And in Revelation we read that in the new heaven and new earth there will no longer be any sea (Rev. 21:1), and that Jesus offers the “free gift of the water of life” to whoever is thirsty (Rev. 22:17).

Earthly water can be dangerous and turbulent. Spiritual water brings life.

Did you know that the human body is somewhere between 60 to 70 percent earthly water? Vital, yes. Dangerous and turbulent? Absolutely.

Like viral particles sent airborne with a sneeze, evil spirits wandering through waterless places desire to land on a living human host that will provide everything they need. Are you in their path?

(This is part two of a four-part series. Stay tuned…)

16 thoughts on “Through Arid Places: Reservoirs of Evil

  1. They certainly try to find a home in me, mostly through depression. I don’t think there are really any words to accurately describe how vicious they are. Very interesting post, as usual.


    1. Linneann, I can relate to this. The past six months have been tough on me emotionally, and this series highlights some of the things I have pondered and struggled with during this time. Satan is a master at attacking when we’re down, when our spiritual immune systems aren’t at their best. Praise God that He is glorified in our weakness!


  2. Demonic spirits will, of course, head for the first fertile human it sees since it is humans that Christ died for and are called to be partakers in His Kingdom. Especially if the demon can derail one of Christ’s own. That is why we are told to put on the entire armor of God and NOT to take it off.
    It is unfortunate that most people view demons through the eyes of Hollywood and are completely ignorant as to how insidious they really are. A lot don’t even believe in the existence of a devil. Humans don’t realize that these guys lived with God for quite some time (we don’t know how long) and, thus, are very intelligent and powerful. They have studied humanity for a long time and as good observers they know how to infiltrate in the most subtle and cunning ways.
    The good news is that Christ defeated them already but that does not stop them from doing their worst to us. Christians cannot afford to be lulled into a soporific state of complacency. We must be wide awake and vigilant. Your series will be of great value to us all.
    “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” Isaiah 7:9


    1. Your comments are insightful, especially our need for the entire armor of God. It is sobering to realize how easily I can be used in Satan’s ploys if I’m not standing strong in Christ. A believer cannot be possessed, but we can certainly be oppressed and played as pawns in evil schemes. However, I am exceedingly grateful for grace through Jesus, to fill the gap. May we trust Him and be, as you said, “wide awake and vigilant.”


  3. “…certainly don’t provide the depth of spiritual mischief that humans offer…”

    Satan and his demonic horde hate God and His chosen ambassadors – humans. So, what better way to derail God’s plans that to control His ambassadors?


    1. Larry, one of the things about most viruses is that they don’t kill us. They just take us out for a while. Keep us from going to work, damage our effectiveness for a time. So if Satan can’t get us entirely (as believers), he will just knock us down for a while. Personally, I need a spiritual resurrection practically every day.


  4. God has been rubbing Satan’s nose in it for aeons and I would not be surprised if He told Satan at the time of the rebellion, “I’m going to raise up dirt to surpass you and take your place!” Satan might have responded, “What’s dirt?” LOL!! (This is based on “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”)
    God is way bigger than we can possibly imagine. I think we’re going to have our minds collectively blown when we actually see Him.


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