Through Arid Places: Chain of Infection

A sneeze. That’s all it takes. One single sneeze from an infected person. But how does it work exactly? How does a virus, something so small and defenseless, effectively invade a human being to the extent that we cannot function?

Trick or treat.

Viruses are sneaky. When a viral particle comes out of an infected person and enters your body through some mode of transmission (like a sneeze), it searches your cells for one that will bind to it. In the first post of this series, we learned that it’s a two-punch system. The protein layer on the virus finds a specific receptive binding site on a human cell, like a key in a lock. Then the human cell allows the viral particle to enter. From that point, the virus hijacks the cell to reproduce more viral particles, which then go on to infect other people.

Epidemiologists call this process “the chain of infection.”

Evil spirits also have a chain of infection. And like viruses, they are sneaky. Evil will search your soul for a specific binding site, and then it will use that soul receptor to enter. We all have these receptors. Psychology calls them triggers, emotional wounds that come from some type of trauma.

Maybe you’re having a rough day. You’re already down on yourself about some things that have happened. You’re vulnerable. And then someone close to you says something careless, a word spoken in anger perhaps. Suddenly you’re psychologically back to childhood, when that schoolyard bully stole your lunch and called you a loser. Such a loser.

There it is! The binding site.

Evil spirits descend on that site like viral particles in a flood of mucus. They hiss at you. They use their claws. Their teeth. Such a loser. Worthless. There’s no point. You’re nobody. You should just run away. Escape. Shut down emotionally. C’mon. Loser. Worthless. You deserve this, you worthless sniveling human!

In his book titled Waking the Dead, John Eldredge writes, “The whole plan is based on agreements. When we make those agreements with the demonic forces suggesting things to us, we come under their influence.” Eldredge goes on to say that we can often diagnose an evil spirit by paying attention to the thoughts in our heads as we relate to others. “The enemy will always try to get you to do to someone what he is doing to that person.”

That’s the mode of transmission.

So let’s say that you make an agreement with the evil spirit. I’m such a loser. Always have been. So the evil spirit enters through this emotional trigger, and uses your soul to reproduce. And what, exactly, do you think will come out of your mouth, next time you get into an argument with someone? Ah-choo.

We pass evil spirits around like the flu. We let them in, allow them to grow and reproduce, and then give them to others with our words and actions.

Below I’ve posted a short NPR video about how the flu invades our bodies. I think you will find it to be entertaining and educational, as we enter the flu and cold season. But perhaps you will also find it to be strangely haunting.

Trick or treat.

(This is the third post, in a four-part series. Stay tuned…)

9 thoughts on “Through Arid Places: Chain of Infection

  1. “…And what, exactly, do you think will come out of your mouth, next time you get into an argument with someone? Ah-choo…”

    What’s in your heart will always come out of your mouth, usually at the worst times.

    Great stuff so far. I’m looking forward to the next part.


    1. Yes, unfortunately it is at the worst times. For all parties involved, usually. I guess that’s why James 3:6 has these strong words: “The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” Yikes!!!


    1. Thanks James. In our culture, we sometimes forget that the soul is the only thing we’ll have for all eternity. The body and mind both fall apart at some point, and yet we invest so much energy in them, and neglect the most important things.


  2. When I see videos like this, it just amazes me to no end how God constructed the body in such finite detail. It also amazes me that evolutionists continue to cling to their ridiculous idea that somehow all this happened by magic. Everything just sort of “evolved”. That something less than them created them.
    Onto the topic at hand. I, too, have been caught in traps where I say to myself “Where did that come from?” I think a greater sensitivity and discerning spirit is needed to stop the “virus of evil” at the door. It is here we must really rely on the Holy Spirit because we surely do not possess the power to discern or to stop it.
    In these times we have to be like the wise virgins that trimmed their wicks and bought more oil. The key to this is to stay close to God, who will supply us with all we need.
    Someone once said to me, “If demonic spirits were prevalent in Jesus’ time, how much more so in our time?”
    I also think that we are bombarded with so much rubbish, that we can become unaffected and hardened to it, unaware that a virus is already inhabiting us.
    By the way, I mentioned you here:


    1. Thank you for the mention and link! I also like your example of the wise virgins, and how God will bring us everything we need, but we must be vigilant and attentive. Part of the deception today is that there is no urgency, no sense of the imminent Kingdom. It’s much “easier” (in the short run) to eat, drink and be merry, but it will catch up to us, and evil knows how to take advantage of the situation.
      I think in many ways God gave us clues into His Kingdom, and the spiritual realm, within the physical world around us. Finding those clues is the fun part, a source of adventure. Even life itself is a miracle, when you consider how delicate we all are. Like you, I cannot accept that this all just “happened.” God’s hand-prints are all over creation.


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