Social Media for the Pre-Cyborg Age

timecoverWe’re living in what I like to call the Pre-Cyborg Age. Except for certain medical devices, implanted biotech is completely optional and on the farthest fringes of society. But if you’ve been paying attention to the news, cyborgs are already among us. Their number is increasing. All kinds of implanted medical devices are growing in acceptance, and I don’t think the trend will slow down anytime soon.

That’s why we need to get smart – real smart – about how we perceive our devices.

At the very least, we should…

Have a strategy. Every social media platform and new app has strengths and weaknesses, and what works for one type of business might not work for another. Today, the latest fad in technology might end up being a huge time suck that costs hours of productivity. But in the Cyborg Age, there will be much more to lose. Learn to create a social media action plan for your current needs, then re-evaluate your plan periodically as technology changes. Establish the habit now, so that it’s already part of your routine for the future.

Understand that everything can be hacked. Regardless of sleek marketing claims otherwise, privacy is an illusion in the digital world. Every app you download and allow access to your information is like an unlocked window into your house, just waiting for the NSA, Russian hackers, or common cybercriminals to peek through. This is true about your home computer, your smartphone, and your e-reader. It will also be true of your brain implant, should that day ever come.

Practice mental resistance. Technology in most industries moves at lightning pace and if you don’t have the latest version or upgrade, you’re already behind. True? Yes, absolutely. This is the reality of the Digital Age. But in my opinion, this will also be the mindset that drives us into the Cyborg Age.

Imagine that your co-worker decides to get a memory-enhancing brain chip. Then another coworker. Then another. Suddenly, your own software is out of date, your productivity pales in comparison to theirs, and you fall behind. Then what?

In this Pre-Cyborg Age, we must train ourselves to resist the pressure toward the latest and greatest.

Our future humanity might depend on it.

4 thoughts on “Social Media for the Pre-Cyborg Age

  1. “Regardless of sleek marketing claims otherwise, privacy is an illusion in the digital world.”

    So, the old idea that someone is out to get me is probably true and not a part of my imagination anymore, right? The French might say, “C’est la guerre.” (So goes the war.) Oh well! That’s where we are for now, no use sweating about it.


    1. Exactly. I like to always assume that someone is out to get me. Makes life interesting. (if not a bit more dramatic, but hey, I’m a writer, right? Gotta live on the edge, LOL).


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