Where Would Anne Frank Hide Today?

choose%20privacy%20iconWe complain about a lot of things here in the States, but for the most part we’re still a free country. We voice our opinions, purchase what we want, vote how we choose, and pursue careers of our own design (more or less). We post “on-the-go” location  data on social media so anyone can find us at any time, without worrying about being gunned down by our own government.

Will it always be this way?

History tells us that even the strongest empires fall, and that even the best leaders can become corrupt if given enough power.

My daughter is learning about World War II in her sixth grade history class, and for the first time in her life she’s grasping the horrors of war. It astounds her that people can be so cruel. We’ve had several discussions about why it’s important to study even the worst parts of history: so we’re not doomed to repeat it.

Yesterday in the car driving home from the middle school, I remembered that Anne Frank received her diary as a gift for her thirteenth birthday. As my daughter approaches thirteen, I can’t help but wonder…if something changed in our country, where would my children hide?

There is nowhere. Satellite surveillance, facial recognition technology, GPS tracking, social media investigation, cameras in every corner of the world…

In our global fascination with the Digital Age and our desire to own the latest gadget, we’ve given away freedoms we might never get back.

Let’s get serious about our privacy rights, just in case history repeats itself. For more information about the privacy revolution, take a look at The American Library Association’s “Choose Privacy Week,” scheduled for May 1-7.

anne frank

2 thoughts on “Where Would Anne Frank Hide Today?

  1. Israel. That’s where Anne Frank would hide today.

    After WWII the Israelis aren’t going to take crap from anyone. They’ll fight to the death to defend their country. Anne would have a better chance of surviving there than in any other country with the rampant rise of anti-semitism all over the place. I don’t understand why Jews are hated so much but we live in a warped, twisted and evil world.


  2. Excellent post! There are ways to maintain security and anonymity, but it takes a conscious effort and some knowledge.

    @warriorforChrist – Jews are hated simply because what happens in the world is a shadow of the heavenly war ongoing in dimensions we don’t understand. They are the “apple of God’s eye,” His heart (as also are gentile believers in Messiah), so the enemy knows his best bet to hurt God’s heart is to cause His people pain. That’s all he wants to do is hurt God and most of the world and its governments are influenced by the enemy (for now). The enemy’s time will be up soon…

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