Punk Secrets of a Literary Takeover (Also, what’s happening with INSIDE SOURCE?)

Author’s Note: This post contains screenshots of personal correspondence and documentation. Names of individuals included herein appear on my promotional social media pages, which are always available to the public without restriction.

Jail Corridor And Cells

I’ve been concerned about surveillance overreach in Texas since approximately nineteen seventy-nine, when I found myself to be the vulnerable subject of numerous elite government intel agents going by the unlikely code name of “grandparents.”

Being the first grandchild in our family was a challenge in the sense that from my earliest memories these disarmingly benevolent members of the intelligence community snapped photos of me and cataloged my actions in classified files known to unsuspecting citizens as “journals” and “diaries.” Furthermore, because my grandfather worked in military civil defense, he recruited me in my formative years as a spy and—once he retired from General Dynamics—convinced me to assist him with a dubious project he called “The Neighborhood Watch Program,” in which I as a preschooler engaged in security conversations (a.k.a. “social engineering”) with an unknown number of local informants.

In addition to regular surveillance of the neighborhood, as a young child I also participated in exclusive meetings over coffee and home-baked foodstuffs, in which supposed “family members” would divulge the latest reports from their employers. They called it “catching up” with each other. But with their decades of experience in defense, broadcast media, digital/print publishing and technology (including Fort Worth-based Tandy Corporation/RadioShack), it is now abundantly clear that these innocuous “meetings” were meant to indoctrinate me into a future of corporate espionage.

I will now jump to present day and explain how I became a member of the suspected terrorist group called Anonymous. I don’t want to offend anyone in the Anonymous community, because I don’t write code—but it’s my understanding that Anonymous is a group without a leader, and that anyone can join, right? If not, please let me know as soon as possible, because I’ve considered myself a member of Anonymous since 2012—although I learned fast to never speak of it in public. Kinda like Voldemort.

Joining Anonymous happened gradually for me, over many years in the first decade of the twentieth-first century as I masqueraded as a relatively friendly churchgoing stay-at-home mother. I conducted my secret research during windows of opportunity known as “naptime,” and—with strong coffee in hand—doggedly scoured the web for private sector and government whitepapers about surveillance overreach. Then, for unknown dark and twisted reasons probably related to hospitals and—oh, I don’t know, my university education in biology and public health—I became especially concerned with a subsection of surveillance quite appropriately dubbed “biosurveillance.”

From this point, I will show (rather than tell) about the topic at hand, which is—of course—the subsequent literary takeover of Texas by journalists, hackers, anti-surveillance activists, and an actual ex-convict.

My own personal evidence appears below, in a series of top secret screenshots that I myself captured. Although my own planning for this mission began in the mid-2000’s, I will start with the year 2011—mere months before I quite stupidly confessed to being a member of Anonymous among friends, and then re-confessed to the necessary in-patient psychiatrists and counselors, at which conjuncture I decided to shut up about it. Had I known at the time that people all over the country, including Dallas journalist Barrett Brown—who I will discuss more later—were actively being prosecuted and imprisoned for suspected associations with Anonymous, I truly hope that I would have spent fewer hours writing gritty future fiction about surveillance, and more time trying to get something done in the real world. But when it all went down for me in the spring of 2012, I was too busy taking antipsychotics and prescription sleep aids to notice.

Please examine the below images at your own leisure. I’ve posted details within the captions.

Exhibit A (year 2011):

Early Fiction Attempt 2011
January 2011. My first attempts at a novel outline about politics and unrest in modern-day Texas, draft never completed.

Exhibit B (year 2011):

Spring 2011. Title page for scifi thriller ENHANCEMENT (as yet unpublished).

Exhibit C (year 2012):

Late 2012, a final draft of ENHANCEMENT (as yet unpublished), with highlighted excerpt showing my own extensive surveillance research.

Exhibit D (year 2013):

Spring 2013. A query for ENHANCEMENT (as yet unpublished). From 2011-2014 I received dozens of rejections for ENHANCEMENT, emailed multiple copies to agents and editors, and discussed the premise and tech details with my friends, family and publishing contacts.

Exhibit E (year 2013):

Tweet re Takeover
February 2013: Example of my social media correspondence with a like-minded editor about the literary takeover of Texas.

Exhibit F (years 2013 to 2016):

Tweet re biosurveillance
Twitter search “biosurveillance” in my account yields a sample of related social media correspondence (2013 to 2016).

Exhibit G (year 2014):

Facebook Subdermal
November 2014. A post on my Facebook author page about subdermal NFC chip implants, showing public communication between myself and Amsterdam-based IT consultant Martijn Wismeijer, who has extensive knowledge of RFID tech with a special interest in cryptocurrency.

Okay, that’s all for now. But wait, you ask—what’s going on with INSIDE SOURCE, the long-awaited book two of my Enhancement Series? Where is it available for preorder? Didn’t I just recently do a cover reveal and teaser for the release?

Yes, in fact, I did. And despite my obvious background as a survivor of childhood espionage training, I fully intended to release INSIDE SOURCE, my sci-fi thriller about a future dark, dystopian cyberpunk Dallas featuring reporter Ryker Morris. But here’s the problem: INSIDE SOURCE as written contains whole sequences—entire chapters even—about my fictional Dallas-based characters researching and/or going to Texas prisons because of crimes they committed while under the influence of a corrupt neurohacker, who gained access to their thoughts and behavior via hijacked brain implants (a.k.a. “zombie” implants, forming a botnet of sorts).

Now, as you must surely know, we are not living in 2048 and therefore—at least here in the wild spaces of Texas—WE DO NOT YET HAVE even a minority of the population with neural implants. But WE DO HAVE a real-life journalist here in Dallas who spent time in prison for his efforts to expose the truth about digital surveillance. And we DO find ourselves to be existing in a profoundly strange time in history, at the edge of global revolution and—perhaps—a digital singularity that could forever change humanity.

So there’s that.

5 thoughts on “Punk Secrets of a Literary Takeover (Also, what’s happening with INSIDE SOURCE?)

  1. I would love to see a scan of your brain. Maybe it would divulge how you think or at least give us a clue about your future insights. But of course, maybe we have to wait for technology to catch up so we can hack into it. As for me, I sit here clueless in California.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I stand in AWE of your thought process, Anna! In reply to Larry Who’s comment, a scan of the brain doesn’t tell us why we think a certain way & doesn’t predict how we might think in the future. Neurochips…maybe?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For the love of all that is good and holy, please don’t stand in awe. I got a full scholarship to a good college and I’m trained in web research. It’s not a prediction of the future, it’s scientific theory.


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