Open Source

A Sci-Fi Thriller

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In the near future … privacy is dead,
everyone must be microchipped, and brain implants are the next new thing.
Dallas reporter Ryker Morris refuses to buy into the high-tech hype.
His resistance comes at a cost.

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In a plausible near future, in response to a terror attack, Americans must be microchipped if they want health care or a job. Privacy is a lie, digital torture is real, and the well-off choose to install enhancing hardware in their brains. One man rejects all this. When a NeuroChip is forcibly implanted in him, he learns the hard way about mind control from both sides. Open Source is a paranoid, mind-bending sci-fi thriller for our time.

Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers,

Open Source hits the ground running and never slows down. If you like CSI: Cyber or Scorpion, you’ll love Open Source.

Bruce Bethke

Bruce Bethke, Philip K. Dick Award-winning author of Headcrash